APL focus

28 Nov, 2001 10:00 PM

WHETHER it was the current prosperity of the pig industry or the relative youth of its new peak body, Australian Pork Limited's first annual general meeting in Canberra was a pretty quiet affair.

Chairman Paul Higgins and CEO Brian Ramsay outlined the four-month-old company's new strategic plan, which, unsurprisingly, has profitable industry growth as its primary aim.

"The Australian pork industry is in very good shape following a period of significant structural change and uncertainty in the late 1990s," Dr Higgins said.

"Farmed pork exports are at an all-time high and we expect to break the $200 million mark this year with especially strong sales into Singapore and Japan."

The strategic plan features 11 action priorities including feed prices and availability, export markets, health status and product quality.

APL also launched the pig industry's new crisis management plan, Porksafe, and called for a ban on all pig semen imports to prevent the inadvertent introduction of emerging diseases such as PRRS.

Mr Ramsay said much of the industry's growth could be attributed to outbreaks of diseases like foot and mouth disease in other parts of the world.

"It's important our industry learns from these lessons and has effective crisis prevention, preparedness and management plans in place," he said.

He appealed to all pork producers to get involved in Porksafe.


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