AUSTRALIA¹S leading live-stock exporter, Wellard, has marked a milestone in the company¹s history wi

31 Jan, 2007 08:45 PM

Wellard managing director Steve Meerwald said it was important that Wellard continued to back its modern image with actions, through the adoption of the best technology, to ensure the company was at the forefront of the live export industry in Australia and the world.

³I am proud of Wellard¹s record as an industry leader in Australia, which has the hig-hest animal standards in the world,² Mr Meerwald said.

³The company has grown substantially since it was founded by Wellard principal Mauro Balzarini¹s father Emilio in the late 1970s, providing access to important markets for Australian farmers and high-quality Australian livestock for overseas consumers.²

An important component of the Wellard animal welfare commitment is the use of the newest and most technolo-gically advanced livestock shipping in the world, run by the Balzarini family¹s company, Siba Ships.

Siba owns the world¹s most modern livestock vessel, the MV Becrux, and has two ves-sels under construction ‹ the first of which will be operating by the end of this year.

Wellard began operations in Australia in 1978, and is now an agribusiness success story, cementing itself as a leader in the industry with its quality controlled, vertically integrated business.

All of the Wellard vehicles, including Mr Balzarini¹s Vespa, will adopt the new livery.

Mr Balzarini said the first 29 years of operation of Wellard had been rewarding and exciting, and he looked forward to the next 29 years with eagerness and anticipation.


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