Beef industry leader challenges supermarkets

25 Aug, 2000 03:00 PM

AUSTRALIA'S big three supermarket chains, Coles, Woolworths and Franklins, have been challenged to support the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading program by the president of Australia's largest beef cattle society. Speaking at the Beef Industry Dinner at the Hilton Hotel during the Brisbane Royal Show, Angus Society president Peter Grieve, Talooby, Rylstone, NSW, received spontaneous applause from the crowd of more than 500 producers when he described MSA as the world's leading beef grading system. "I cannot understand why the supermarkets have not underpinned their marketing of beef with the program", he said. "To the big three (supermarkets), how can you expect your customers to support you when you fail to provide them with accurate beef grading and labelling? Where is your commitment to truth in labelling?" This highly successful all breeds dinner was sponsored by the Angus Society and the 500 diners were provided with MSA four star and five star Certified Australian Angus Beef, with a choice of strip loin or fillet. "We are delighted to put our money where our mouth is and serve you what we consider to be Australia's leading branded beef product, which has a marble score of at least one, which is so essential for an enjoyable eating experience", he said.


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