Beef steers $638 at Boyanup

28 Sep, 2000 03:03 PM

SLIGHTLY less than the advertised number of store cattle were offered at the Elders Boyanup sale held last Friday. Buyers were still presented with a good selection of excellent store types and values were fully equal with recent sales. Beef steers were the first offered, with the eight growthy Angus cross steers recording the top steer price on the day. These were offered by Mrs T Turner, Capel, and were snapped up by Glenluce Livestock, Cowaramup, for $638, buying on behalf of client John Hamon, Dunsborough. John Scott, Busselton, then saw his single steer make $582. NW Smith, Donnybrook, sold a line of eight Angus steers for $578, and this vendor also sold two whiteface cattle to Paul Reilly for $578, and one Simmental to O and Co for $550. Doug Lindberg trucked up several lines of bucket reared cattle from Busselton, with his first four Hereford steers offered selling to Glenluce Livestock, on behalf of John Hamon, at $494. Paul Reilly then took the one marked out in the line for $430. Next up was a line of 14 Murray Grey steers sold by Willowbank, Benger, with these selling to Murray Harris, Dardanup, for $460. Peter Panizza, Dardanup, was determined to take home the 10 Angus steers sold by SM Crombie, Donnybrook, and was pushed to $492 for them. Five bucket reared Hereford cross steers from Doug Lindberg went for $422 to Glenluce Livestock, who then bought the next pen containing four Red factor Hereford steers from the Lindbergs for $428. Lawrence Grice offered six pens of cattle with the first two lines purchased by Paul Reilly, Donnybrook, the first with 11 Simmental cross steers made $422 and the second containing 12 went for $418. Ross Tyson, Elders Busselton, then outlaid $382 for 10 of mixed breeding and Rondale, Carbunup, was successful in buying 10 Angus cross at $424. Glenluce bought a line of 19 whiteface cattle at $424, while one pen of Angus steers failed to reach the reserve. There were just two pens of beef poddie types, with both offered by John Scott, Busselton. The first single Angus calf sold to Glenluce for $366 and then Gavin Watts, Treeton, paid $356 for a line of nine. There were some quality Friesian steers at the sale and these appealed to John Hamon, who outbid the opposition on the first three lines sold. The first line of eight steers from A Clapshaw made $562, and the second eight $532. John's final purchase for the day was three Friesian steers sold by Kingsley McSwain, Busselton, with these costing $496. Prices held strongly as the sale moved on to 14 steers from John Scott, with these going for $482 to Rondale, who had competed all day. John Scott then saw his next line of 10 steers sell to Glenluce for $434, with this buyer also paying $438 for six steers offered by Doug Lindberg. There was a line of excellent Friesian heifers offered by RH Mountford. With these eligible to be registered, they were good buying for JP Guimelli at $515. Another 11 smaller heifers from the Mountfords went to Bbidecud, Boyanup, at $405. Barry and Paul Cuthbert trucked 10 Angus Friesian cross heifers to the sale from Busselton and these made $475 when bought by Glenluce. Mal Barrett outlaid $388 for three Shorthorn heifers and Glenluce paid $350 for two Murray Greys, to be the better prices in this section. Both of these lines were sold by C & D Morgan. Two Simmental cows, offered on the point of calving, were snapped up by South Park, Margaret River, at $508, with these sold by Boyanup local Tony Kitchen. There were several single cow and calf units offered but anything with late small calves were neglected, failing to meet reserves. One unit with an older calf made $725 for D & D Morgan, who also sold another unit for $600, both going to Neville Trigwell, Busselton. A Friesian cow and calf was sold by PT Reilly, Capel, to Terry Hughes for $640, while two Angus stud bulls failed to reach reserves.


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