Better piggery management

30 Aug, 1999 04:06 AM

ENVIRONMENTAL management training for piggery managers was a key step to enhancing the environmental sustainability of the state's pig industry. Agriculture WA's Meat Program held a two-day training course for 12 piggery managers recently at the Muresk Institute of Agriculture. The training program was developed by the National Centre for Engineering and Agriculture with funding support from the Pig Research and Development Corporation (PRDC). Senior technical officer Hugh Payne said the course was highly interactive with case studies used to demonstrate practical techniques required for effective effluent management. He said the course highlighted the process of continuous improvement through the review of current strategies and monitoring, recording and assessment. Case studies would be used to work through ways of reducing effluent production and odour emissions, sizing effluent ponds, calculating the fertiliser value of effluent and sustainable land application rates. "Participants are encouraged to examine their own management practices, compare them with recommended practices, identify differences, assess the risk and decide on management options," Mr Payne said. "After completing the program, piggery managers will be able to understand the potential impact of their management decisions on the environment and make informed decisions on existing and future effluent management plans. "They will also be able to discuss issues knowledgeably with local government, regulators and consultants, and to demonstrate responsible environmental management to the wider community." ÿ


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