Billeroy best with $1500

28 Sep, 2000 03:03 PM

YET another good, positive ram sale was pencilled in on the WA Merino calendar last week where $1500 was top at Wongan Hills. At the Elders-Wesfarmers Dalgety multi-vendor sale, where four Merino studs sold 59 rams, there was an 88 per cent clearance (6pc better than last year), a jump of $40 in the averages and a $250 hike in the top price. This was $1500 and paid for Doug Sewell's big Billeroy Poll Merino ram, a son of the $16,000 Kylie ram the stud bought at the PIBA Katanning sale in 1997. The soft-woolled ram had a great presence ‹ even in his pen ‹ plus April tests of 19.7 micron, 99.6 comfort factor and CV of 16 and his quality was recognised by Terry and Leigh Coleman, SG Coleman & Co, Cunderdin. They also bought two other Billeroy rams, one at $1250 and the other at $1150, with Mike Pilkington, Elders, Northam, bidding on their behalf. The Colemans have bought from Doug Sewell for six years and why wouldn't they ‹ last week their hogget wool fetched 607c/kg greasy. Terry and Leigh will use the ram across a selection of their 800 Merino ewes and, according to Terry, go for polls because they don't take as much looking after. Another Billeroy regular client was Doug French & Co, Goomalling, who bought rams at $500 (3), $400 and $350. SF Chester & Co, Goomalling, bought at $850 and $650. Dabrappy's Brian Westlake offered 15 Merino rams and eight Poll Merinos, with $900 the best price twice in the Merinos and $800 in the polls. Buying at $900 for a long, deep Merino with his long wool staple was AC Mead & Co, Calingiri, who also bought at $850. The other big $900 ram was bought by MP & SH Brennan, Yerecoin, who also bought at $750. The top-priced Poll Merino was bought by L & L Oliver, Wongan Hills, while WS Campbell, Calingiri, bought two polls at $700 and $550. BR & DE Clarke, Cadoux, bought polls at $550, $500 and $450. David Kelly's Northwich Poll Merinos were offered next, with all bar one of his 20 rams sold under the hammer. Top price for Northwich was $650 twice, the purchasers being BR & DE Clarke and CA Sadler, Wongan Hills. Daniel Marshall, Elders Dowerin, bought on behalf of the Clarkes, while Jeff Brennan, Elders Wongan Hills, bought for the Sadlers. The Sadlers also bought at $500 (3), $450 and $400, while WB & JH Wallace, Chapman Valley, bought at $550 and $500. Robert Keamy's Anro Merinos caught the eye of P Haythornthwaite, Quairading, who bought three at $450, while in the Anro polls, the two offered were bought at $450 by Wesfarmers Dalgety, Wongan Hills. The sale then moved into meat breed mode, with Suffolk, White Suffolk and Border Leicester rams offered. Calcarra Suffolks sold to a top of $400, with JL Gilmour Pty Ltd, Perenjori, the buyer and all eight rams offered being sold. Gilmours also bought at $360, $350 and $300. Fenwick Farm Suffolks offered and sold 10 rams to a $380 top, with Mirradong Farm, Piawaning, the buyer and Dula Farms, Ballidu, the volume buyer, taking four rams to a $300 top (3). At $280, Dula also bought the two White Suffolks offered by Fenwick Farm. Though the Anro Border Leicesters didn't sell under the hammer, two were sold immediately after the sale at $300 each, to GA Pelham, Wongan Hills.


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