Boer goat to $6000 at Northam

27 Oct, 1999 09:59 AM

THE special meat breeds sale at Northam on Friday, the first of its kind in the state, attracted a solid group of buyers and those "just looking", who witnessed a top sale price of $6000 for a full-blood Boer buck. Wesfarmers Dalgety Midland livestock consultant Mick Doak said the offering, and prices achieved, were fairly good for a first-up sale, with the rams and bucks passed in at auction sold later. "The goat side ended up a lot better than anticipated," he said. Tim and Helen Sutherland, Woodbine Boer goat stud, Northam, offered the top priced 19-month-old Boer full-blood buck named "Lucky", which was recently judged 1999 WA Boer goat champion at the Northam agricultural show. The Sutherlands, who also have a Suffolk sheep stud, bought Lucky as an embryo at a Boetie Malan dispersal sale, and last Friday sold him to Mark Bresnahan, who had come over from Victoria to attend the sale. He proved to be a significant buyer on the day and, after buying the Sutherlands' 143.5 kilogram buck, also bought 47 does from crossbred and registered categories to a top of $2700 for a six-month old full-blood doe. Mr Bresnahan said he would mate Lucky naturally as part of the breeding program on his new Melboerne Boer stud. Jane Randall, Lake Clifton, sold her 16mo buck for $400 to Trevor Bunce, Darkan, while another of her commercial bucks went for $400, and others selling after the auction at $200 apiece. Saxon Downs, Chittering, reached $1200 on a full-blood doe (with one buck with kid doe and kid buck) sired by Barnard, while GE & EA York, Meckering, bought another of the full-blood does with two buck kids for $1000. Bev and John Szolkowski, Bridgetown, sold two five-month-old purebred does for $1000 each to Mark Bresnahan, while J & F Harris sold two pens, totalling 13 second cross does, at $60 and $100 each. MT Blenchynden, Bridgetown, sold some first-cross does at $75 and $55 apiece, while W Kendrick, Beverley, bought one of the Szolkowskis' commercial bucks at $800, the top in the category. Margaret Muir sold seven commercial bucks to Malangata Pastoral Company, Yalgoo, for $150 each, with the pastoral company also paying $150 each for 11 recently weaned buck kids. Best price in the sheep offering was $3100 for a Dohne Merino offered by Alex and Lyn Leach's Glenlea Dohne stud, Katanning, with Powell & Sons, Binnu, the buyers. The sale represented the first auction of Dohnes in Australia, with one of Geoffrey Beeck's Summerfield Dohne Merinos gaining $3000, paid by Narrogin Wesfarmers Dalgety representative Preston Clarke. Dave Fulker's Dorper Valley stud purebred 1998-drop rams gained a top of $2000 from Fay Harris, while AF & G Boyle, Quairading, received $1200 for one of their East Friesian May-drop rams after the auction. A total of 191 Damara F1 ewe lambs and 295 Damara F1 ewes also was offered, with all being sold. The lambs ranged in price from $28-$29 dollars with the top priced pen offered by RW & LJ Edmonds bought by V Scofield, Gin Gin. The prices for the F1 ewes ranged from $29-$34, with the top price paid by Northam buyer B & J Maddock for ewes from Karra Downs, Kalannie. ÿ


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