CONSISTENT prices and an increase in local and export demand for pig meat has seen WA producers cons

24 Jan, 2007 08:45 PM

³We have seen increased demand from the local market and in exports to Singapore,² Mr Penn said.

³We are underselling by 1000 bacon a week.

³Our current throughput is 10,000 a week and we have a capacity of 14,400.

³At our current rate we put through 350 pigs an hour ‹ making it the fastest abattoir in the country.

³Business is good, and the outlook for the future looks good if there is a good harvest this year.²

Mr Penn said Linley Valley Pork recently increased its prices to show farmers its confidence in the industry; raising the price from $2.60kg to about $2.80kg.

He said the price offered to farmers was stable and did not fluctuate as much as it did in the eastern states or through selling at the live auctions.

³Pig prices are the highest I have seen them since 1980, when I came into the industry,² Mr Penn said.

³We are trying to run as a cooperative by passing profits back to farmers.²

The options for selling pig meat also appear to be increasing with as much of the slaughtered pigs as possible being sold to a variety of buyers.

³Nothing is wasted,² Mr Penn said.

³Pig ears have even become a lucrative market.

³We are trying to catch the squeal ‹ if we could grasp that market we would be doing even better.²

Linley Valley Pork sends its high-priced cuts to Singapore, with 24t of offal sent to Thailand every three weeks.

China takes feet and snouts and Korea likes the neck.

Linley Valley Pork does not import pig meat and takes 80pc of its supply from WA farmers, while the other 20pc comes from its own livestock.

Linley Valley Pork is a division of the Craig Mostyn Group and performs 98pc of the state¹s kill and employs 200 staff.


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