Cow/calves to $780 at Denmark

28 Jun, 2000 11:09 AM

IMPROVING pasture growth in the Albany, Denmark and Mt Barker areas led to a strong demand for all types at Wesfarmers Dalgety's store cattle sale at Denmark on Monday. Further support came from the Bridgetown area during the sale of 343 head of steers, cows with calves and unmated heifers. Many lots were small in number. Cows with calves at foot attracted most attention, with calves mainly April drop but reflecting good milk and pastoral conditions. The best result was achieved by GH, KL and HA Williams, Denmark, who sold eight Shorthorns of good type with Angus calves at $780. Equally attractive were seven third calver Santa crosses which made $745 for M & M Batt, Golden Hill. K and C Ravenhill, Bow Bridge, sold 14 Friesian cows with growthy Angus calves for $720. The same amount was obtained by GC & ER Frusher, Redmond, for five Angus cross cows and calves. They followed up with their 12 Devons with one-month-old Simmental sired calves making $705. Elders Farms, Walpole, sold three Friesian cows with calves for $670 and WP and LJ McKenny, Bow Bridge, four mixed breeds running with a Droughtmaster bull from May 24 for $680. Keen competition for the 14 Angus/Friesian bucket reared heifers unmated from IR and SL Chapman, Narrikup, drove their price to an excellent $530. Five Angus Friesian heifers guaranteed unmated made $480 for K and C Ravenhill, Bow Bridge. AJ and PD Pedro, Denmark, sold a nice line of 10 Charolais heifers running with Angus bull for $475. Further Friesian cross heifers from IR and SL Chapman, saw 11 bucket reared sell for $405, 17 at $380 and 12 at $375. Friesian steers from PJ Thorne, Denmark, set the sale off to a great start with nine two-year-old big framed types selling for $538. The same Bridgetown buyer bidding through Wesfarmers Dalgety's Jamie Abbs, Bridgetown, paid $498 for seven more and $468 for a further six. Ravenhill Pastoral Trust, Narrikup, sold nine big-framed Hereford steers for $542, eight Angus for $442 and four for $410. Trevelys Pty Ltd, Tingledale, sold six Hereford-Angus cross steers for $502. Steers generally sold in the range 105-110c/kg liveweight.


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