End for PCA

29 Aug, 2001 10:00 PM

PORK Council of Australia officially wound up its activities following its extraordinary general meeting earlier this month in Brisbane. Members agreed to dissolve the company to make way for the industry's newly appointed producer body, Australian Pork Limited.

"Australian Pork Limited is the new national organisation representing pork producers," Mr Rob Berlin, outgoing president of Pork Council of Australia, said. "It is a powerful company structure because it allows all the resources of producers to be directed into activities or services that deliver the most benefit to producers.

"All policy matters and strategic policy development such as trade, quarantine, environment which were previously handled by Pork Council of Australia will now be undertaken by Australian Pork Limited."

Producers also agreed at this meeting to establish a new company, the Pork Industry Fund Limited, to manage on behalf of the industry the Emergency Fund (now called the Pork Industry Trust Fund). Six new directors were elected to manage the company and thereby act as trustees of the fund - Peter Brechin, Robyn Boundy, Paul Pattison, Ken Cameron, Peter Roberson and Ian Parish.


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