Feed case appealed

30 Oct, 2007 09:00 PM

FARM lobby groups have secured money to fight a Federal Court ruling that favoured a man who broke into a Victorian feedlot and fed ham to sheep destined for the live export trade.

The Victorian Farmers Federa-tion (VFF) said it had secured sig-nificant funding from the Austra-lian Farmers Fighting Fund (AFFF) to in launching an appeal against last month’s ruling on the Hahnheuser case.

Animal rights activist Ralph Hahnheuser (left) broke into a Portland feedlot in 2003 and fed ham to sheep, rendering them unable to be exported.

Last month Justice David Gray’s ruling was made on the grounds that Mr Hahnheuser had been acting in the interests of environmental protection and had not intended to hinder trade.

The decision left live exporters and farmers fearing the gates would opened for further acts of what they described as agricultu-ral terrorism.

Applicants Rural Export and Trading and Samex Australian Meat Company have now lodged appeal papers and their appeal will be heard before the full bench of the Federal Court.

“Given the significance of the precedent set by this ruling, we felt bound to support the applicants in their appeal,” VFF president Simon Ramsay said.


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