Feedlot chief to at Bunbury seminar

30 May, 2001 10:00 PM

A VACCINE for bovine respiratory disease and its successor will be discussed at Bunbury on Tuesday, June 5.

The occasion is an address to feedlotters at Bunbury's Agriculture WA office by agricultural consultant Des Rinehart who coordinates the feedlotting program for Meat and Livestock Australia.

He will also give an update on research activities by the MLA (which is funded by producer levies) and will seek input from feedlotters as to what should be researched in the next three-year R & D program.

The vaccine for bovine respiratory disease is about to hit the market and news on an updated vaccine will be disseminated to producers. This phase two vaccine is expected to be available in the next two or so years, Mr Rinehart said.

"We have also undertaken a lot of work on heat stress and I will report on what has come out of that," he said.

"Shade in feedlots and changes in ration formulation will be part of the discussion."

Much work had also been done on developing rapid tests on energy value of grain at the point of receival.

"Knowing what you've got means you can formulate your ration accurately. The tests only take a few minutes," Mr Rinehart said.

The current R & D program finishes in 12 months and the MLA needed to know what should be researched when the next three-year program started, so ideas from WA producers would be taken on board and evaluated, he said.

For more information call Paul O'Meehan on 9827 9237.


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