Four new studs boost Darkan sale

27 Oct, 1999 09:59 AM

THE Darkan ram sale evolved another step when four new breeders entered the selling arena for the first time. But to their credit, in a year when the business of selling terminal sires is a bit sticky, the clearance rate was a highlight of the sale. The event, the first of a triple header in the West Arthur shire, took on a new look with the absence of Brookdale stud, which opted to hold an on-property sale later on the same day. The only Merino stud represented was Clarke's, owned by David Clarke, Darkan. His 10-ram line-up attracted increased interest, with five buyers operating and sold to a $575 top, paid twice by KA Curtis, Williams, and again by RM & JR Smith, Darkan. All rams cleared to average $453. Kennedy Hogg's Rouken Glen Suffolk stud, Williams, lifted an otherwise routine sale by setting a $575 top for the 74 terminal sires on offer. Mr Hogg made light work of Suffolk selling and his $385 average for 10 rams beat his effort at Williams sale the previous week by $1. The top price ram was bought by Brenton Tynan, Primaries Duranillin, on behalf of Jamie and Lorraine Park, who were too busy with shearing to attend. They had the foundation of a Suffolk flock and wanted a sire before they registered a stud. The ram had a 123.13 Lambplan index and was the second highest ranking Rouken Glen and the highest ranked ram offered by the stud. The highest ranking ram had be retained. Michael Kain and Chris Hogg, both of Williams, paid $440 and $410 respectively for other high price rams. Rob Cuthbert, Glenbrook stud, Darkan, also lifted the sale from the ordinary with a $460 top, paid by AA & CD Putland, Cordering. HR Gibbs, Darkan, outlaid $450 for a single ram and successful Katanning carcase competition client Paul Saunders, Arthur River, bought the remaining three rams in the five-ram White Suffolk team at $450, $440 and $300 to give Glenbrook the day's $436 top average. In the Poll Dorsets, Roy Gooding's Denroy stud, Darkan, led the sale and took prices over the $400-mark when Huntley Park, Kojonup, bought the team leader for $425. The rest of the offering sold consistently between $300 and $375 to a broad client base to finish with a $355 average and total clearance. Brother Des Gooding, Spring Valley, Darkan, sold in a similar fashion to end with a $347 average and total clearance. His top price was $400, paid by LA & LM Bunce & Son, Darkan. Local brothers Adrian and Duncan South, repeat buyers farming separately, took the lion's share of 15-ram offering when they loaded nine rams between them. Surprisingly, Jim Glover's highly successful Jim Jan stud, Moodiarrup, which has had an outstanding run in hoof and hook competitions, battled with eight Texet rams and sold three for up to $300 to PW Lubke, Darkan. Of the four new studs, it was Kevin King's Breezy Peaks Poll Dorset stud, Darkan, that was most successful. He sold to a $350 top to Yarrabee Grazing and averaged $308. Robert Hewton's Jerolyn Suffolk stud, Duranillin, sold to $340 paid by Carberry Grazing, Darkan, which bought four of the five-ram offering. Carberry Grazing continued spending in the Glencraige Suffolk offering presented by Donald Cochrane, Duranillin, outlaying the $300 top for two of three rams it bought. Primaries Duranillin also bought at $300 to clear all six rams. Nick Hosking, Paringa Park White Suffolk stud, Duranillin, sold four out of five rams for up to $320 paid by PJ & KV Wharton, Bokal.


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