Fresh faces on LiveCorp board

28 Jul, 2004 10:00 PM

The Australian Livestock Export Corporation (LiveCorp) has restructured its board, introducing four independent directors.

Two of the new directors are from WA - Ned McCord, Broome, and Christopher Buller, Darkan.

Mr McCord has extensive experience in the management of broadacre cattle properties across northern Australia and the development of beef cattle herds suitable for the live export trade.

Mr Buller has extensive experience in broadacre sheep breeding and management. He is experienced in local government and has demonstrated an extensive commitment to excellence in property and livestock management.

The other appointees are chairman of Animal Health Australia Roly Nieper and

Michael Nugent, Sydney, who is experienced in marketing and corporate finance.

Chairman Peter Frawley said the restructure involved the appointment of two additional skill-based directors and the reduction in the number of industry based directors from five to three.

A number of board members have completed their maximum six-year terms and are not available for re-appointment.

³LiveCorp received 110 applications for the four available independent director positions, and they were chosen on the recommendation of an independent selection committee chaired by Clinton Condon, former chairman of the Australian Wheat Board,² Mr Frawley said.

³As well as bringing a fresh outlook to the Board, the new independent members will broaden both stakeholder input and the range of non-exporter skills.

³The new members have an impressive range of backgrounds that will bring valuable experience to one of Australia¹s most important rural industries.²

Appointees will take up their positions after the LiveCorp annual general meeting in October.

Three directors representing exporters will be elected by Livecorp members before to the AGM.


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