Great Southern Dohne sale back

15 Sep, 2004 10:00 PM

AFTER a successful inaugural sale last year, the Great Southern Dohne Sale is back on the calendar this year again.

The sale is scheduled for Monday, October 4, starting at 1pm, and will be held at the Summerfield property, 12km north of Katanning.

It will feature three of WA's longest established Dohne studs ‹ Summerfield, Koobelup and Amuri Creek ‹ and will start the run of Dohne sales in the state.

The three studs will offer a total of 153 rams. Included in this will be a selection of new genetics from South Africa of which four will be jointly offered by Amuri Creek and Summerfield studs.

After a near complete clearance at last year's sale of the 97 rams on offer, as well as strong inquiry, the studs have increased the sale numbers to 153 rams.

The depth of last year's sale was further highlighted by a number of interstate buyers buying at the sale.

Included in these purchases by the eastern states was the sale's $10,200 top price ram sold by the Koobelup stud and purchased by a syndicate of eastern states studs, while Summerfield sold one at $10,000. Prior to the sale Amuri Creek also sold one privately one for $10,000.

It is clear to see why the studs can quite easily hold a successful combined sale, as they have very similar breeding objectives and approach to breeding Dohnes.

Summerfield stud principal Geoff Beeck, who will offer 54 rams in the sale, has continued to make steady progress with the breed on his Katanning property.

He was one of the first producers to import the breed from South Africa.

Right from the start, Geoff always had the aim of accessing the best available genetics and building up his own quality Dohne flock over time.

According to Geoff, the Summerfield sale team are coming along very nicely.

"They have magnificent square behinds and eye muscle areas that go up to 40mm," he said.

"The April drops averaged 19.2 microns and 99.57pc comfort factor, while the June drops averaged 18.23 microns and 99.67pc comfort factor."

The story is no different down the road for Koobelup stud principals Ian and Julie Hanna, Katanning, who will offer 48 AA and A rams in the sale.

After a successful sale last year, where Koobelup topped the sale after selling a ram for $10,200, Ian said he was looking forward to this year's sale.

At Koobelup, Ian aims to breed rams that are able to go straight into the paddock and start working in commercial conditions instead of a pampered stud environment.

"We pay special attention during selection processes to ensure that our sheep can perform under normal paddock conditions," Ian said.

The aim of Tambellup-based Amuri Creek stud, fast becoming the place of choice for genetics from stud breeders through to commercial sheep producers across Australia, is focussed on achieving high quality wools on bodies.

The stud, which will offer 47 rams in the sale, has a hands-on selection policy and looks to breed rams with great length of body, combined with structural correctness and good width in the hindquarters.

Along with the sale, the studs will join together for a field day on Monday, September 20 to showcase their sale rams at Summerfield.



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