House endorses stock ID moves

31 Oct, 2000 03:03 PM

PRIMARY Industry Minister Monty House has given in-principle support to the recommendations of a review of the Stock (Identification and Movement) Act 1970. Mr House requested the Agriculture Protection Board to initiative the review in order to update the state's stock identification and movement legislation and procedures. He said it was necessary to review the legislation as technology, business advances and consumer expectations were driving changes to stock identification and movement tracing. "WA has always been at the forefront of livestock identification and tracing systems, and it is imperative that the industry continues to meet the needs of the ever changing marketplace and production systems," Mr House said. The viability of the state's livestock industries will be dependent on our ability to remain internationally competitive, and a credible identification and tracing system is a key factor in achieving this." The industry was consulted widely during the review and has provided strong support to the review committee's work. Industry organisations will be given the opportunity for further input during drafting of any amended or new regulations resulting from the review. The review contains 34 recommendations that cover efficient and fair options for producers and livestock transporters to make use of existing and new identification and recording systems. They provide for: pthe retention of waybills as an effective means of tracing livestock movements; pflexibility to include new identification technology with the adoption of the term-approved identifier for all existing and future descriptive terms, such as branding and earmarking; pthe introduction of criteria for an approved identifier that meet strict identification standards; pthe requirement for all livestock to carry an approved identifier before moving from the property where they were born or originated, except where the owner is supplying a niche market and there is a specific requirement for unblemished stock; pon-the-spot-fines to replace a criminal conviction for acts of omission, such as filling out a waybill incorrectly; and pthe introduction of an audit-based compliance program to place direct responsibility on livestock owners to identify their animals and ensure that documentation is completed correctly.


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