IRA elite vealer sale reaffirms reputation

23 Nov, 2005 08:45 PM

VEALER numbers on offer continue to strengthen for the 14th annual IRA elite vealer sale to be held on Monday, December 5, to establish itself as one of the state's biggest vealer fixtures.

IRA Pemberton principal Colin Thexton will present 2000 mixed vealers with a range of mixed aged females highlighted by a genuine herd dispersal to be sold using the AuctionsPlus system.

Cattle will descend from areas such as Pemberton, Northcliffe, Manjimup, Boyup Brook and Balingup with the season once again being kind to southern graziers with the line-up showing the effects of abundant feed.

Mr Thexton, an AuctionsPlus Level 1 assessor, said the excellent season combined with the vendors' dedication to developing their commercial herds meant this year's line-up displayed the continuing improvement of genetics and was shown in the outstanding line-up for auction this year.

"A large portion of the catalogue will already suit the trade market and come sale time there will be very few calves weighing under 300kg," Mr Thexton said.

"The vealers are all first drafts so prospective buyers are getting the best the region has to offer."

Mr Thexton said the calves would once again suit various markets including processors, lotfeeders, grass fattners??????? and live exporters so animals would be drafted into liveweight ranges of 260-300kg, 300-340kg, 340-380kg and 380kg-plus.

"On certain lines of trade vealers there will be extended delivery available for processors," Mr Thexton said.

"All cattle are HGP-free except the steer section of D Bendotti & Sons; they have been treated with Ralgro.

"All vealers have been treated with cobalt and selenium, dehorned and drenched in the past two to six weeks prior to sale.

"It is my firm belief that dehorning of the vealers offered in this sale is of utmost importance to both feedlotters and graziers.

"I believe through past experience that handling dehorned cattle in yards is a lot safer and easier, while feedback from producers and or processors confirm that this minimises bruising and injury while in transit."

Although the sale will be conducted on the AuctionsPlus system, Mr Thexton invites people to view the sale live at the Pemberton sports club at 1.30pm.

Mr Thexton said the big advantage of selling and/or purchasing cattle on the AuctionsPlus system was buyers knew the cattle had been individually weighed and assessed and immediately returned to their mothers or paddock, therefore there was no stress factor.

"When the cattle are sold, they are picked up on-farm and taken straight to farm, feedlot or abattoirs, thus minimising handling and stress," Mr Thexton said.

Regular vendors are again back in force to present their annual line-ups including a couple of new faces that have come on board.

John, Peter and Steven Bendotti, Pemberton, trading as G & B Bendotti, will offer the largest annual draft of 190 Angus steers and 80 Angus heifers aged between nine and 10 months.

The offering was sired by Edgerton, Strathtay, Mordallup and Serena Park bulls.

They also will offer 24 rising 2yo Strathtay Krugeraand blood Angus heifers PTIC to Serena Park Stevensons Fortune sires depastured with the bulls on May 5 until June 22 while 15 sixth and seventh calving Angus cows PTIC to Strathtay Krugeraand lines will also be offered.?????????

Felix and Bernadette Ditri, Southwest Timbers, Northcliffe, will present a line of heifers in addition to their vealer drafts.

They will offer 18 Angus and Angus-Hereford cross 22mo heifers that will be guaranteed in-calf to a Serena Park Angus bull depastured in April.

The Ditris' calf line-up will comprise 62 Angus and Angus-Hereford mixed sex vealers sired by a Serena Park bull and out of ex-Bendotti Hereford and Angus females.

Northcliffe graziers Ron and Marie Kemp of R & M Kemp will offer 120 Charolais and Limousin-Charolais cross mixed sex vealers.

These calves are 7-10mo with Copplestone Charolais bloodlines prominent throughout.

They are showing plenty of weight and are anticipated to average between 350kg and 370kg across the board.

Jim and Janet Kemp, Pemberton, trading as CW Kemp & Co, also will offer 50 mixed sex Charolais and Limousin-Charolais vealers.

These soft calves aged between 8-11 months are by homebred Charolais and White Lakes Limousin sires.

Trading as D Bendotti & Sons, Pemberton, Jack, Mick, Gary, Mark and Danny Bendotti will offer a quality draft of 200 Hereford, Angus-Hereford, Murray Grey-Hereford and Limousin Hereford cross vealers.

All calves were dropped by the end of March, aged between 9-11mo, with the Herefords based on Mycara bloodline using Hereford bulls bred by Phil and Kay Gravett.

Peter and Kerry DeCampo, Pemberton, trading as PR & KG DeCampo, will offer 120 Angus, Angus-Murray Grey, Angus-Hereford and Hereford calves aged between 8-11 months.

John, Jenny and Dave McDonald, J & JM McDonald, Northcliffe, will present 160 Simmental and Simmental cross vealers for the sale.

The calves are out of first cross bucket reared dams from a chemical-free, Cattlecare accredited property.

These heavy calves have a solid reputation with buyers and the majority will suit the trade market.

William and Debra, Phillip and Wendy and Dean French, trading as W French & Co, Pemberton, will offer 120 Angus steers by Edgerton and Serena Park sires aged between 8-9mo while Cale Enterprises, Northcliffe, will offer 70 Limousin and Angus sired 7-10mo mixed sex vealers with the Angus calves by a Mordallup bull.

Seventy predominately Angus-Limousin cross mixed sex calves aged between 7-10 months will be offered by EG Della Franca, Pemberton, and are certain trade and feedlot contenders.

Collins Brothers, Pemberton, will offer their annual draft of 70 8-10mo Angus steer vealers, all sired by Edgerton Circle A 2000 bulls, while David and Monica Radomiljac, Pemberton, will present 50 9-10mo Angus steers and heifers sired by a White Lakes Angus bull by BT Ultravox 297E.

A smaller draft of 40 8-9mo Charolais and Angus sired vealers ideally suited to trade will be offered by Kerry and Helen Littlefair, Pemberton.

Blaweary Charolais and Serena Park Angus feature among the sires.

Featuring in the sale will be the complete genuine herd dispersal of Phil and Kay Gravett, Manjimup.

Although not registered, the Hereford herd was managed along stud lines and established on Mycara Hereford stud females purchased in 1995.

The family has since used AI to maintain genetic and breeding standards, providing bulls for various herds around the districts including D Bendotti & Sons and Rooney Bros.

Available in the sale will be 52 females ranging from maiden heifers to aged cows, with the cows described as large frame, well muscled females with good milking capacity; many of the Gravetts' cull cows have exceeded 400kg dressed weight.

The line-up includes 15 maiden heifers by Injemira Lyon Bank and 17 first calvers joined to Injemira Advance X231, which was purchased in Dubbo, NSW, in 2004.

Forty-six mixed sex Hereford vealers highly sought after by lotfeeders and graziers for their feed conversion and weight gain also will be on offer.

Other vendors include G & S Mead, CM & AM Lefroy, GA Favero, RJ Friend, MR & EM Walker, RK & J Fox & Son, HW & LN Hercock, BJ & KA Hulcup, MJ & RK Rice, R & MD Whitmarsh, MJ Ryan, VP & EA Farrell, AA Strauss, PD & EM Emmott and T Morgan.

Catalogues and photos will be available from the Friday before the sale on the AuctionsPlus website at or phone Colin Thexton on 9776 1125 or 0428 915 468.


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