Many Creeks heads sale with $1500

28 Sep, 2000 03:04 PM

AN excellent yarding and keen buyers pushed the top price to $1500 at the inaugural combined Perenjori/Morawa ram sale last week. With rams ideally suited to the region's environment, with tremendous growth and frame along with good constitutions, competition was strong for the top-of-the-line rams, giving the sale a 74 per cent clearance rate. After 33 years of running the Morawa and Perenjori sales separately, it was decided to incorporate both sales for the convenience of the buyers and vendors. From all accounts, it turned out to be a success, well supported by local buyers, while the larger number of people attending created more competition for the quality rams on offer. It was a ram with good body length, an 18.2 micron and 99.7pc comfort factor from Warren and Joy Carslake's Many Creeks Merino stud that grabbed the $1500 top price. Bought by Hal Lakeman, Perenjori, he was much sought after by two other buyers, but it was Mr Lakeman who emerged the winner. Many Creeks principal Warren Carslake was extremely pleased with the result of the sale, having normally sold at the Morawa sale each year. "The sheep are looking the best they've looked in a long time and it shows in the encouraging results today," he said. With Elders stud stock auctioneer Tony Wetherall in charge of selling, Parklands stud's catalogue of 60 Merinos were first to go under the hammer and, although the stud's clearance was a little disappointing, they still reached a strong top price of $950. The 17.2 micron ram was bought by HF Kau & Co, Coorow. John Carstairs, Perenjori, was the bulk buyer of Parklands rams, building a team of 15 rams to a top of $600 and a $303 average. Arra-dale was next to offer sheep, a line of 70 rams, including 20 Poll Merinos, and these sold to a $1150 top. This was also bought by Hal Lakeman, a regular buyer of Arra-dale rams who bought a further seven Merinos at a $671 average, before also buying Adamo stud's top priced ram for $725. AE Just, Coorow, also put together a healthy team of seven Arra-dale Merinos for a top of $800, as did regular client OP & D Spencer, who bought at $600, $450, $300, $400, $550 and $250 (2). RBG Farming, Perenjori, paid $1000 for the top priced Arra-dale Poll Merino, before buying another four Polls at $700 (2), $400 and $600. Wesfarmers Dalgety auctioneer Kevin Stone took over selling duties for the sale and first to sell was Adamo stud, run by Spike Sutherland. Offering 30 Merinos at the sale, the top condition of the rams was rewarded with an 87pc clearance. JM & YM Wellington, Carnamah, paid the second top price of $600, while MT, RS & AA Watson, Eradu, put together a strong team of Adamo Merinos, buying eight sires at $400, $350, $300 and $250 (5). Many Creeks was the last stud to sell on the day and, after securing the sale's top price, also achieved a high price of $1025, paid by JA & EJ North, Morawa, who bought a second ram at $375. MA Newnham bought six Many Creeks sires at $925, $700, $500 (2), $550 and $600. Elders Carnamah manager James Cornish was pleased with the result of the sale, saying "the studs are trying hard to meet their clients' needs and this was reflected in the way the sale went". Wesfarmers Morawa/Perenjori manager Howard Richardson was equally pleased, saying the rams "sold well, considering where the wool market is currently at and the fact that we're coming out of a tough season".


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