Milyeanup goes for grassfed

15 Dec, 2000 03:02 PM

MILYEANUP Pastoral Company principals John and Barbara Dunnet, Scott River, believe that buying grassfed bulls offers buyers the opportunity to see the animals "in their working clothes".

The coastal property, which was developed in the 1960s, has an annual rainfall of 1000mm.

John and Barbara run a 500-head Angus-Friesian, Hereford-Friesian crossbreeding herd, which turns off grassfed vealers at 200 or more kilograms, with smaller vealers kept on until weights are reached.

This year is a pioneering year for the family, with a plan to turn off baby beef.

The Dunnet family were at the WA State Bull Trial sale/field day recently, inspecting Charolais.

They claim these grassfed trials offer buyers a chance to see the cattle as they would be in the paddock, with the stock ready to work.

This has been one of the major points for John and Barbara as they always buy grassfed bulls.

With a May mating, the Dunnet family offers vealers into both the early and the late markets, with the early market just finishing and most of these vealers going to Woolworths and similar chains.

Some have also been sold for export.

Pasture for the cattle is sown in the summer, with sorghum and millet being the primary feed.

John and Barbara have not only been innovative in their cattle production, they have also been working on their crop production in partnership with Agriculture WA.

New crop varieties are grown on this property before being released into the Wheatbelt as trials.

After production of a new seed variety in the lab, Agwest sends it to Kununurra for a year's growth and then to the Scott River property for final testing.

A new variety of wheat was sown in November for harvest in February, with irrigation used on the crop.

It is expected that the wheat will have an average yield of five tonnes to the hectare.

In the past, multitudes of crops and pastures have been grown, including hemp, lupins and canola.


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