Minister supports live trade

18 Dec, 2007 09:00 PM

WA livestock exporters have welcomed Federal Agriculture Minister Tony Burke's words of support for the live export industry last week.

It was reported that Mr Burke said he had confidence in the trade and there was a future for Australia in livestock exports.

Mr Burke also said Australia had moved in leaps and bounds with livestock export standards and that he "wouldn't be found" talking down the industry.

His comments were welcomed by the industry in the wake of comments from Mr Burke's predecessor in Opposition, Senator Kerry O'Brien, who before the November federal election said that unless animal welfare concerns were addressed, growing public protests could shut down the industry.

WA sheep and cattle producers, who rely on the trade, greeted Mr Burke's comments.

The state accounts for 80pc of all Australian sheep exports and about 40pc of the nation's cattle trade.

WA Livestock Exporters Association (WALEA) chairman John Edwards said the industry was buoyed by Mr Burke's comments.

"And more so after his counterpart's pre-election threats of closing down the trade," Mr Edwards said.

"Mr Burke is on a steep learning curve in regards to live exports and provided he can decipher fact from fiction he will learn to understand the merits and worth of what live exports means to rural and regional Australia.

"With agriculture in general having had a tough few years in the face of drought, and some unseasonal conditions, live exports is one of the few opportunities that has allowed Australian sheep and cattle producers to maximise returns.

"The Minister's comments at this time are very welcoming particularly in opposition to the rubbish that continues to be peddled by those who oppose the trade and really know nothing about it."


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