More bad media for live exports on way

24 Mar, 2004 10:00 PM

FARMERS are being urged to show their support of the livestock export trade by sending in part of a pro-live export advertisement placed in last week's Farm Weekly.

The advertisement, supported by Elders, Landmark, Primaries of WA, PGA and WAFarmers, said the industry was in danger of being sunk and asked farmers to return a cut-out section in support of the trade.

There had been about 30-40 responses so far to the advertisement up until last Monday, considered a reasonable response in such a short time.

WA Livestock Exporters Association chairman John Edwards said the section of paper with the words "I support the continuation of livestock exports from Australia" would be used in a petition to Federal Government.

The animal welfare lobby has so far presented more than 100,000 names to Federal Parliament calling for the end of the livestock export trade.

During the WAFarmers conference, letters made out to the Prime Minister John Howard, Agriculture Minister Warren Truss and Trade Minister Mark Vaile in support of the trade were left on seats.

However, during a debate about the livestock export trade Bill Radford, Wanna station, said he had doubts farmers would take the time to fax off the letters.

"There are 100 people here and I doubt 50 people will fax," he said. "We are a lackadaisical industry."

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the WA police said a complaint by Animals Australia against the Al Kuwait for breaching WA's new animal welfare Act had been passed on to the RSPCA.

The animal activist group believed the RSPCA did not have the resources to properly conduct the case and therefore lodged the complaint with the police.

The RSPCA said it knew nothing about the complaint.

Animals Australia video footage of sheep on the Al Kuwait and in Kuwaiti slaughter houses, filed as evidence for the complaint, will be shown on 60 Minutes.

National Farmers Federation president Peter Corish has written to state and federal members of parliament on behalf of cattle and sheep producers, to hose down the effects of the media campaign.

Mr Corish¹s letter claimed animal activists, including Animals Australia, were gearing up to highlight animal welfare issues in countries in the Middle East and Asia which were customers of Australia¹s live exports trade.

³The purpose of this letter is to reassure you that Australian livestock producers and exporters do have in place major collaborative programs with our live export customer countries to improve their handling and processing activities,² Mr Corish said in his letter.

³These programs transfer eagerly received skills and technology to the local countries as well as improve welfare for our exported livestock.²

Among the ³successes² cited by Mr Corish were that Australian funding and support had assisted in the building, modification and management of feedlots in the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Eritrea.



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