Mouths water over Damara

15 Dec, 2000 03:02 PM

A TASTE evaluation of F2 Damara meat in Subiaco was greeted with great enthusiasm by about 15 guests last week.

The Damara dinner was hosted in a private home by AgWest Trade and Development and Business Today.

It was the third of three tastings held with a view to developing different marketing options for Damara meat and was attended by members of the public, meat buyers, Agriculture WA officers and WA's Japanese consul, Yoshiharu Toeda, and Mrs Toeda.

Three main marketing possibilities for the meat are being targeted ‹ domestic markets, the restaurant trade and overseas markets.

"The first tasting was aimed at the domestic market and different buyers attended the dinner," Business Today principal Deborah Pitter said.

"The second tasting involved preparation methods for aged meat."

At last week's tasting, diners were asked to rate their preferences from poor to excellent on four meat presentations ‹ roast, loin, leg and shoulder ‹ from two carcases, one grainfed, the other grassfed (unidentified to the diners).

The just-under five-month-old Damara lambs were bred by Bruce Rock Damara breeder Ted McCarthy, who also attended the tasting.

The meat was presented hot off the pan (and out of the oven) by enthusiastic freelance chef Dale Sniffen, who hails from Colorado in the US and is a decided fan of Damara meat.

"It's the third tasting and they're out of the woods. They just have to fine tune the supply like Q Lamb," he said.

The results from the tastings will be tabulated to determine the popularity of the cuts and if the grassfed or grainfed meat is preferred.


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