New WA abattoir one step closer

23 Oct, 2007 09:00 PM

A NEW sheep and cattle abattoir is one step closer to being constructed at Linley Valley following a decision by the Shire of Northam to reject an application for the rezoning of a parcel of land next door to the site.

The shire reviewed the application at its council meeting last Wednesday and decided not to support the application for rezoning on the area, which houses the El Caballo resort.

Shire chief executive officer Bruce Mead said the decision was made at a council meeting last Wednesday not to support the application for rezoning and subsequently had not agreed to the proposed sub division.

This has left the door open for the Craig Mostyn Group to ramp up efforts to construct a new sheep and cattle abattoir alongside the pork abattoir at Linley Valley.

Mr Mead said the consideration before the council didn’t involve an application for an abattoir, but for a new subdivision, that was not supported.

“The application wasn’t to do with the expansion of the meatworks, but that could well be a subsequent application in time,” Mr Mead said.

“We know and a lot of people know that the Mostyn Group is considering an expansion into sheep and cattle, but that wasn’t what last Wednesday’s decision was about.

“That decision only concerned the proposed development of Killara Estate.”

Mr Mead said the Craig Mostyn Group had put in preliminary drawings of the proposed sheep and cattle abattoir 12 months ago.

“These only related to certain aspects of the abattoir and were not a formal application,” he said.

“They are in the process of getting environmental approval and haven’t progressed any further than that at this stage.”


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