New WAMMCO chief impressed with WA

27 Apr, 2009 01:45 PM

THE new WAMMCo chief executive officer may hail from New Zealand, but shareholders can be assured that in 43yo Coll MacRury, they have a person more than qualified to take on the co-operative's challenges and steer it to further success.

Barely in WA for a week, Mr MacRury is excited about his new role and equally as impressed with the WAMMCO set-up.

He is impeccably credentialled for the position, having graduated from Waikato University with an honours degree in business, and also possessing meat technology qualifications.

He spent 22 years in the NZ meat industry, the first four with a company called Universal Beef Packers, and the rest as general manager of operations at NZ's second biggest meat processor and exporter, AFFCO New Zealand.

With his entrepreneurial background, he has also consulted on a number of industries, including meat, timber and kiwifruit.

Mr MacRury saw some parallels between NZ and WA operations.

His former employer, AFFCO, operates 12 strategically located processing sites throughout New Zealand and is the only meat company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

In a structure similar to WAMMCO, many of AFFCO's shareholders are farmers that supply it with their livestock - cattle, lambs, sheep, deer and goats.

"It's a free market in NZ, and if possible, we were even more deregulated than here," he said.

"We went through a lot of turmoil in the meat industry, with companies closing down, and today there are about four main processors left.

"The key issue in WA is lamb supply and I want to ensure we build a relationship with the agricultural community so that WAMMCO becomes the first processing choice for their lamb.

"In my first few weeks I will be analysing the current operations and looking at ways of implementing potential improvements.

"I will be looking at further opportunities to build up WAMMCO's reputation."


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