Norton elected

17 Nov, 2004 10:00 PM

WAFarmers board member and meat section president Mike Norton has been elected to the position of vice-president of the Cattle Council of Australia.

The annual general meeting at Tamworth had many changes to the council with Bill Bray replacing longstanding president Keith Adams and the election of John Ogilvie as treasurer.

WAFarmers president Trevor De Landgrafft said Mr Norton had earned the appointment.

³Mike has been on the Cattle Council since 1989 in various roles, including vice-president and his experience and commitment will be a great advantage to beef producers nationally,² he said.

³Mike has been involved with many organisations representing cattle farmers across Australia in areas ranging from advocating quality assurance in the meat industry to liaising with state and federal departments on live export issues.²

Mr Norton¹s lobbying and policy making experience together with his successful cattle and dairy operations in the Southwest enable him to develop policy that is conducive to the longevity and prosperity of the beef industry.

Strong Korean market

KOREAN wholesale market prices continued to strengthen, with short rib, eye round and clod of particular interest to buyers.

Clod prices jumped by 200won/kg on last week to 6000won/kg and eye round

rose 200won/kg to 6500won/kg.

The market should remain strong in the coming weeks, with winter a popular

time for beef consumption in Korea.

Exporters have reported elevated demand from Korean importers across a variety of cuts, with prices remaining high.

Rib prices are particularly high, with a severe shortage in the market, as most remaining US product was used up during the Thanksgiving period in September.


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