ONE of Australia¹s top three Wagyu herds, combined with a premium land investment opportunity, have

15 Nov, 2006 08:45 PM

The Wagyu breeding herd of 20,000 head comprises a gene pool selected from the Wally Rae ³The Overflow² lines.

This has provided one of the highest levels of pure or near-pure Wagyu herds, offering an availability situation believed to be unparalleled in Australia.

John Garland International managing director John Garland said there was no other herd available in Australia with these genetics in such a quantity.

The combined properties cover 27,189ha in the reliable rainfall areas of Eneabba and Badgingarra plus the pastoral lease at Shark Bay.

An economic sustainability program through balanced re-mineralisation of the soil is a major feature of the properties and the fertility rates (90pc) of the breeders alone are indicative of the healthier environment of the farms.

Mr Garland said the sustainable farming had been costly but the results were outstanding, especially in a dry year.

The properties include Parron Place ‹ 8390ha at Badgingarra with 4000 breeders; Woolmulla ‹ 5223ha at Leeman with 2000 breeders; and Jennings ‹ 9949ha at Eneabba with 4000 breeders and 3625ha at Rose Thomson Road, South Eneabba.

There is also the pastoral lease Tamala Station at Shark Bay, covering 72,272ha and featuring 1500 breeders; bringing the total to 11,500 breeders.

The scientifically recognised Albrecht sustainable farming system of re-mineralisation has been adopted by the vendors, brothers Lyndon and Bruce Brown, since they acquired the properties.

Re-mineralisation and fertilisation have been achieved by applying lime sands, dolomite, gypsum, crushed rock, coal and composted fowl manure and some traditional fertilisers.

The restoration of soil health has been the major factor in increased production of pasture, hay and animal health and the use of chemicals has been drastically reduced.

No pesticides or hormone growth chemicals are used and herbicides are only used once in the establishment of perennial pastures.

Since pesticides have not been used on the farms, there has been a successful introduction of a flea to biologically control the weed Paterson¹s Curse, which is also being controlled by the perennial pastures.

Production from the farms has doubled with further improvements planned and under implementation.

Experimental work on perennial pastures has been carried out over 10 years and recent trials at Parron Place on an area of 1200ha ‹ despite a year of limited rain ‹ is expected to result in the production of 10,000 or 750kg bales of hay.

The farms are suitable for up to 75pc of perennial pasture.

In addition, there are 1200ha of tagasaste on Parron Place, providing shelter and green forage.

This year has been the poorest on record, but far from drought.

With further re-mineralisation of the soil and the planting of perennial pastures and with proper management, the farms could become drought-free even in the worst years.

Mr Garland said the bulk of the Wagyu cattle was exported to Japan and there was much potential to develop this market further.

³Although markets do fluctuate, a carcase can fetch $4500,² Mr Garland said.

The largest potential is to breed, grow-out and feedlot the cattle on-farm to the finished state and Lyndon Brown would consider making himself available for consultation if required.

Mr Garland said a value of $50 million had been placed on the herd and $60m for the freehold land.

³The uniqueness of the offering is the package availability of land and Wagyu herd with such a high percentage of F5 and F6 cattle,² he said.

³This provides 18 years of Œhead start¹ to an agricultural company wishing to develop the expanding Asian market.²



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