ONE of WA¹s leading livestock exporters, Wellard, is diversifying its business interests and updatin

08 Feb, 2007 07:00 PM

At the same time the company has unveiled a new company logo that is more in line with its expanded business and asset base.

Included in the restructure is the creation of four new divisions, Wellard Capital, Wellard Estates, Wellard Aviation and Wellard Ships, while the strategy to develop a quality controlled vertical supply chain, including Wellard Feeds and Wellard Rural Transport, continues.

Wellard Group Holdings now has assets totalling more than $20 million, and the expansion of its existing subsidiaries coupled with the growth of its newer divisions helped the Wellard Group double its turnover from 2005 to 2006.

Wellard principal Mauro Balzarini said he was confident the company¹s animal welfare record would continue to benefit Wellard Rural Exports, Wellard Feeds and Wellard Rural Transport while the new divisions would continue to expand as opportunities emerged.

³We are focused on building on our past successes, and have assembled an energetic, experienced, proven team and married them with a strong capital base to capitilise on global opportunities,² he said.

³We will continue to honour our commitment to quality and best practice, with passion, hard work and the courage to innovate.²

To mark the expansion of its business Wellard has launched a new logo to reflect the modern and progressive focus of the company.

Wellard was founded by Mr Balzarini¹s father Emilio in 1978 and has cemented itself as a leader in the industry with its quality controlled, vertically integrated business, formed to ensure the on-time supply of a consistent and quality product.

In addition to its subsidiary companies of Wellard Rural Exports, Wellard Feeds and Wellard Rural Transport, the Wellard Group have also added several new divisions to its stable.

They include Wellard Ships, which owns 25pc of the MV Deneb Prima, the largest livestock carrier in the world, with the Balzarini¹s other company Siba Ships owning the remaining 75pc.

Wellard Capital has been formed to invest in a range of Australian and worldwide equity and business opportunities, outside the company¹s traditional business focus, while Wellard Estates is already a significant land holder as manager of Wellard¹s operational land bank.

The group has also established Wellard Aviation, for which a jet aircraft has been acquired largely for intra company use, with the company confident WA¹s growing economy will create charter demand for the aircraft.


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