pCarroll Staite Agency's Charlie Staite (left), Mt Barker, Darryl and Jodie Elson, Mettler, and Came

31 Oct, 2000 03:04 PM

Cameo stud ram sells for $950 By MAX PIGGOTT A CAMEO White Suffolk stud ram sold for $950 at the Cameo ram and ewe sale at Mt Barker on Tuesday. The 1999 drop ram was bought by Darryl and Jodie Elson, Yundabine White Suffok stud, Mettler, in partnership with Diane Barclay, Napier. The Yundabine stud was founded on a ram and ewes bought from White Suffolk breeder Bronte Gardner, Ida Vale stud, Boscabel. The Elsons also took home two August 1999 drop ewes, paying $80 each for them, to complete their consignment. The overall result and high clearance delighted Cameo studmaster Alf McLaren, Mt Barker. Good sales from the 40 specially selected rams offered included the purchase by K and E Forbes, Mt Barker, of two at the sale's top price for commercial rams of $400 and two more at $370. Amuri Creek, Denbarker, bought two at $330, two at $310, two at $290 and two at $230 to average $290, while R and F Mountford, Yandilla, Manypeaks, paid $360 for two and went on to secure a total of nine at an average $302. R and A Shepherd, Kendenup, took home five, two at $340, two at $220 and one at $280, and FW and EJ White, Fitzgerald, travelled 250km to get their three rams at $240 for two and $200. A Watterson and Sons, Kendenup, bought two at $250. Among buyers of the 1999 drop ewes were W Toovey, Yenmor, Tenterden, a May 1999 drop ewe at $320; S Kolb, Pingelly, four at $160, $150, $140 and $120; R Bingham, Williams, who bought two at $130, two at $120 and two at $80; Bush Farm, Porongorup, two at $140 and two at $110; D Barlcay, Napier, two at $120 and two at $80; McKee and White, Fitzgerald, two at $120; DJ Elson, Mettler, two at $80; and VJ and PA Chitty, Youngs Siding, one at $100. Bush Farm also bought a 1998 drop ewe at $80, while R Bingham secured two at $70 and W Toovey, two at $60. Strickland and Sullivan, Pingelly, paid $160 for two 1997 drop ewes and R Bingham, bought two similar at $100. R Bingham secured two 1996 ewes at $130, as did D Barlcay and McKee and White, all at $50, while among the mixed age ewes, McKee and White, bought two at $100 and D Barlcay one at $150.


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