PIG producers are still waiting for the State Government to revamp the Midland pig auc-tion facility

08 Feb, 2007 07:00 PM

Producers claim they are being forced to sell direct to processors for lesser prices ‹ something producers have been against for years.

Australian Pig Breeders Association spokesman Chris Dodoff said responsibility for a live pig auction facility rested with the State Government and Mr Chance had fallen short in providing adequate facilities.

Mr Dodoff said there had been a serious lack of commit-ment from the State Govern-ment to reopen the yards with any urgency.

He blamed red tape and delays for producers having to do the government¹s work of looking for a future selling venue.

WA Meat Industry Authority operations manager Dave Saunders said the agency was doing all it could to accommo-date pig producers¹ needs.

WAMIA, which runs Mid-land saleyards, had been searcing unsuccessfully for a suitable alternative site for live auctions in preparation for the closure of Midland in 2008.

Mr Saunders said it was difficult to find a location that met all the requirements of a pig auction facility.

Mr Saunders said unless funding was found or a location became available, it could be the end of live pig auctions in WA.

Primaries managing director Trevor Pedler said Midland Shire had approvals for reconstructing the pig yards and a construction company was expected to begin work on the pig yards in the next few weeks.

³Removal of the roof could take up to 10 days of continuous work, but that could equate to 14 days all up due to sheep unloading and asbestos vapours in the air,² Mr Pedler said.

He had heard nothing from the State Government about a possible alternative location for pig auctions to continue after Midland closed permanently. Primaries and pig producers were still looking for another venue that they could be forced to finance themselves.

Mr Pedler said there were existing yards in WA but they needed modifications and funding to get them to standard.

He said since WorkSafe handed down its prohibition notice in November about safety concerns, Primaries had worked with producers to find them other selling points and would continue to do so after and if live auctions recommenced.


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