Plenty on offer at Landmark store sale

30 Jan, 2017 02:00 AM
A feature in the beef steer and heifer line-up will be a the annual draft of Angus calves from Sheron Farm, Benger. The operation will offer 80 March/April-drop black steers.
A feature in the beef steer and heifer line-up will be a the annual draft of Angus calves from Sheron Farm, Benger. The operation will offer 80 March/April-drop black steers.

ARE you after quality cattle to fill your paddocks or pens?

Then don't miss the opportunity to secure yours at the Landmark Boyanup store cattle sale on Friday, February 3.

With producers still nominating their first drafts of calves for the season, there is no better time for graziers and lotfeeders to purchase their requirements for the coming months.

In the sale the Landmark South West team is expecting to yard about 1000 head with the majority of these numbers being made up of beef steers and heifers.

There will also be a good run of Friesian steers and some quality mated females on offer.

Landmark South West livestock manager Darren Chatley said it would be another top selection of cattle on offer.

"The cattle come from throughout the South West area and there are still many producers nominating their first drafts of calves for the season, so these will be a feature," he said.

"The sale will certainly provide an ideal opportunity for graziers and lotfeeders to purchase their requirements."

A feature of the beef steer and heifer line-up will be the annual draft of Angus calves from Sheron Farm, Benger, with an offering of 80 black steers which show good growth and muscle.

The March/April-drop calves stem from a quality Angus herd and are sired by Diamond Tree Angus bulls.

The extremely quiet and uniform offering were weaned in early November and are expected to weigh between 330 to 360 kilograms.

The line received their 7in1 booster and a drench at weaning and have been ear-notched BVDV free.

Another substantial offering of Angus calves will come from the paddocks of Dean and Deanne Scott, Silverlands Stud Farms, Bridgetown.

The Scotts offering will comprise of 40 steers and 80 heifers aged eight months.

The calves are sired by Monterey Angus bulls and out 100 per cent Coonamble blood females.

Coming off a tremendous season the calves are expected to weigh 300-350kg.

Landmark Bridgetown agent Jamie Abbs said like previous drafts from Silverlands these calves will speak for themselves.

"They are a very good line of well-bred calves," he said.

After selling in Landmark's last weaner sale Frank Tomasi Nominees, Karridale, has nominated some more calves for this sale and will truck in 35 Angus steers.

The 10-11mo calves are sired by Mordallup Angus bulls and are out of cows based on Mordallup and Monterey Angus bloodlines.

The line is expected to weigh upwards of 330kg and it has been vaccinated twice with 5in1 and Vitamin B12 and selenium.

Another to present Angus calves, after offering its first draft in Landmark's last Boyanup weaner sale, will be Kandalee Grazing, Bridgetown.

The Bridgetown operation has nominated 30 Angus heifers aged 10 months.

The heifers will weigh 300-360kg and have been weaned for more than a month.

Williams producers Peter and Sue Paterson, PC Paterson, will also have a good run of Angus calves on offer when it trucks in 25 steers and 10 heifers.

The March/April-drop calves will average around 280-300kg.

Other sizable Angus drafts will come from P & A MacLeay, Busselton, with 20 steers sired by Blackrock Angus bulls and aged 10 months, while Redwood Hills will offer 10 steers and 10 heifers aged 8-10 months.

Redwood Hills will also truck in 16 Red Angus calves (eight steers and eight heifers) aged 8-10 months.

Along with the run of Angus calves on offer there will also be a good selection of Murray Grey calves for buyers to choose from.

One of the biggest vendors in the grey pens will be Harvey Springs Estate, Cookernup, which will offer its annual draft.

The Cookernup operation has nominated 50 mixed-sex Murray Greys, ranging between 10 and 12 months.

The classy grey calves are based on Monterey and Melaleuca Murray Grey bloodlines and will be weaned 10 days prior to the sale.

The line is expected to average 400kg.

Another big line of greys will come in from Shorelands Pastoral Co.

The operation has nominated 21 Murray Grey cross steers and 30 Murray Grey cross heifers, aged 15 months.

There will also be a truck load of 50 Murray Grey calves come across the hills from Williams with RG Major offering 25 steers and 25 heifers.

The calves will be straight off mum and will weigh 300kg-plus.

If buyers are looking for calves with a Euro influence, then a line of 60 Charolais cross calves (30 steers and 30 heifers) from M & A Talbolt, Brunswick, won't dissapoint.

The 10mo calves are sired by Charolais bulls and out of Charolais cross cows.

They are expected to weigh 280-380kg.

Other lines which will feature are 31 Limousins (16 steers and 15 heifers) aged 8-10 months from GK Carruthers and 16 Simmental cross (eight steers and eight heifers) aged 9-10mo from G Shoulz.

In terms of the Friesian steer and first-cross steer offering this will not disappoint either.

There will be something for everyone with steers from five to 24 months.

The biggest vendor in this section will be TD & JD Norton, Benger, who will offer 40 Friesian steers aged 8-10mo.

The calves are all owner-bred and have had all the health treatments.

The Nortons will also offer five Angus-Friesian steers aged 8-10mo.

Also offering numbers in around the same age will be C & C Minson, Roelands.

The Roelands operation will offer 22 owner-bred Friesians aged 10mo.

Harvey dairy operation F & J Logrande will also have a nice line in the offering.

They have nominated 15 Friesian steers and five Angus-Friesian steers, which are 5-6mo and owner-bred.

At the other end of the age bracket D Procter will offer 10 black and white steers aged 20-24mo and JS & KM Highlet have nominated 18 Friesian steers aged 20 months.

The sale will round out with the usual run of mated females.

Featuring in this section will be Minga Flats, Cookernup, which will offer PTIC heifers.

Its offering will consist of six Blonde d'Aquitaine cross heifers and three Charolais cross heifers.

The two-year-old heifers are out of Angus-Friesian and Murray Grey-Friesian, first-cross females and sired by either Blonde d'Aquitaine or Charolais bulls.

They are PTIC to a Melaleuca Murray Grey bull and are due to calve from March 1 to May 10.

Also sure to impress in the mated female section will be 40 PTIC Hereford-Simmental cross heifers from James Pastoral, Hyden.

The first calvers are PTIC to a Poll Hereford bull and are due to calve from March 15 to May 15.

The line has also received a drench.

But if it is mature females you are chasing a line of 60 PTIC Red Angus cows from GL & RK Dickson, Nannup, could suit.

The second to sixth calvers are PTIC to Angus bulls and are due to calve from mid-March for 12 weeks.

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30/01/2017 9:10:37 PM, on Farm Weekly

I am a new buyer and would appreciate any assistance you can offer. I have 130 acres in Westdale and are looking to put some cattle on it, I am not sure of quantities I can stock. I have good water supply all year from a large dam and solar powered bore. Cheers


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