Prime lamb forum set for Cheeryna

29 Jul, 1999 02:13 AM

MEMBERS of the Australian Suffolk Association (ASA) have announced plans for a Prime Lamb Production Forum, to be held at Cheeryna Suffolk Stud, Williams, on Friday, August 13. Cheeryna principal and ASA registrar Allan Duff has offered his property as a venue and will open his feedlot for inspection as part of the program. "It is in the best interests of ASA members if users of Suffolk rams can employ the best possible management practices to maximise their returns and this forum will concentrate on a range of factors influencing returns to growers," Mr Duff said. "Of course, we are not restricting this to users of Suffolk rams < all prime lamb producers are welcome < but we are particularly keen to work with the people that are using our rams, to help them lift on-farm productivity." Mr Duff said having a clear understanding of processor and wholesale requirements would serve as an incentive for growers to "get it right". "We will be presenting desirable and undesirable carcases at the forum in order to demonstrate the impact of consigning lambs that are either too fat or too lean and there will be a comprehensive discussion on wholesale and retail requirements," he said. "We will also discuss management methods that help growers turn lambs off that fit into the desired grid." There will be hands-on demonstrations of preparing lambs for market, weighing and condition scoring on day of delivery, while the feeding of out-of-season lambs will also feature prominently on the agenda, as well as lamb feedlot management practices. Other topics include ewe selection, ewe nutrition both pre and post joining, pasture management and the impact it has on the prime lamb system. Sire selection methods that incorporate visual assessment and Lambplan figures will also be up for discussion. "This is a very practical day, with a bottom line focus on dollar returns," Mr Duff said. "The ASA is proud to initiate the concept and our members look forward to playing host to as many prime lamb producers as possible." The forum is free and gets underway at 10am. nMore information: Allan Duff, 9885 8067.


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