Probe to relocate saleyards

27 Jun, 2001 10:00 PM

THE WA Meat Industry Authority is holding a feasibility study into options for the relocation of the Midland saleyard facility.

Mike Donnelly of the Authority said today that the options being considered were a multi species livestock facility at either Bullsbrook-Muchea, or Northam or a cattle, veal and pig facility at Bullsbrook-Muchea and a sheep facility in the Northam region.

The Authority has formed a steering group to oversee the study made up of all sectors of the industry.

Members of the group recently inspected a number of modern selling centres in Victoria.

Mr Donnelly said that the study tour had identified best practice in animal welfare, environmental controls and the latest technology in handling and marketing of livestock.

"We are not looking at picking up the Midland Saleyard complex and dropping it somewhere. The concept is a modern under cover livestock exchange that becomes the focal point for the industry," he said.

"The Midland saleyards have been operating since 1905 and continue to play a strategic role in the movement and selling of livestock in WA. However time and development have now caught up with the facility" Mr Donnelly said.

"We now have the Midland Redevelopment Authority working with us to ensure that Midland remains an important link between city and country."

The Authority is currently finalising the study and getting feedback from both industry and other interested groups.

It is expected that the study report will be presented to the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Kim Chance MLC in August.


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