QLamb builds strong niche in NSW market

31 Oct, 2000 03:04 PM

A REGULAR feature on the plates of WA diners for some time, QLamb is now making big tracks into the New South Wales market. QLamb first started sending meat into the Sydney market 18 months ago, with 5-10 per cent of weekly production headed that way but, in the past 12 months, that the product has really gathered momentum, with 40pc of weekly QLamb production now going to NSW consumers. QLamb field development officer Reg Crabb said the quality WA product was receiving a strong response from the NSW market and credited a lot of the success to wholesaler Peter Andrews from Andrews Meats, "who is doing a lot of work for us across the eastern seaboard". Mr Crabb said the Hayman Island resorts were also very impressed with the QLamb product and were looking to make it the exclusive meat at each resort. He also attributed the success of QLamb to Sydney being a very stable market that didn't seem to have the hiccups and fluctuations that the WA market did. Reliability and consistency also made QLamb a popular product among NSW consumers, with a weekly contract now in place "meaning numbers can be locked in". Mr Crabb said, while trial shipments were conducted across the country, it was the relationship with a wholesaler that made the deal worthwhile. "Being an alliance, unless we're comfortable with a wholesaler we won't use them. That's why we take a lot of time to develop a positive network with wholesalers," he said. Four tonnes of lamb per week goes into Sydney though Mr Crabb said this would hopefully increase in the future. "The NSW market is currently going through a restructure, so we have the potential to double the quantity," he said. Increased numbers means increased production, which Mr Crabb said was one of the good things about QLamb. With all QLamb product "broken" product, everything is value added, with the Hillside Meats abattoir working full time, turning out 520 lambs every day of the year. "It's worked out well for everyone involved," Mr Crabb said.


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