Quality females line up for Elders sale

11 Jan, 2017 02:00 AM
The Bagshaw family's Young Guns stud, Hyden, will offer 21 Murray Grey PTIC heifers, which are based on their own stud bloodlines and are back in calf to Young Guns Murray Grey bulls.
The Bagshaw family's Young Guns stud, Hyden, will offer 21 Murray Grey PTIC heifers, which are based on their own stud bloodlines and are back in calf to Young Guns Murray Grey bulls.

PRODUCERS looking for top quality beef females to boost the returns of their beef herd should look no further than the Elders Special Beef female sale at Boyanup on Friday, January 20.

The sale will feature 385 PTIC heifers and 115 unjoined heifers which are sure to impress in terms of both quality and breeding.

In the PTIC heifer section the breakdown will be 283 Angus heifers (mated to Angus bulls), 62 Murray Grey heifers (Murray Grey bulls), 16 Red Angus heifers (Red Angus bulls), 14 Simangus (Angus bulls) and 10 Lincoln Red heifers (Murray Grey and Lincoln Red bulls).

In the unjoined line-up of heifers there will be 94 Angus heifers and 16 Murray Grey heifers.

All the females on offer in the sale have been inspected by Elders South West livestock representatives Michael Carroll and Robert Gibbings, so the quality on offer cannot be questioned.

Mr Carroll said the quality in this year's sale was first-rate.

"It is a really first class line-up of joined and unjoined beef heifers which will be offered in this annual sale," he said.

"Buyers can purchase with extreme confidence, not only in regards to quality of the heifers.

"They also have the guarantee of pregnancy status, as all the mated heifers are PTIC and come with a vendor guarantee to calve within the stated period to a maximum of 12 weeks and the unmated heifers have been vet-checked suitable to breed and Not Detectable Pregnant (NDP).

"There is no better time to either replace or get into breeders, with the current solid outlook for both the domestic and export markets and the recent high prices achieved, enhancing a profitable farming enterprise.

"So I encourage interested parties to get to the sale and reinvest in future breeders."

Leading the charge in the PTIC heifer section will be return vendor Howard Griffiths, HW Griffiths & Co, Ferguson Valley, with 115 Angus heifers.

The 19 to 22-month-old heifers, which were purchased as weaners from reputable breeders both privately and at South West weaner sales last season and mated for this sale, show good growth for age, good temperaments and are good feminine types.

The classy, black beauties have been mated back to Blackrock Angus bulls selected for their low birthweights, moderate to high growth and docility.

The heifers have a short six-week calving period from March 13 to April 26.

In terms of health treatments the heifers received a vitamin A, D & E treatment, colbalt and selenium and were drenched with Dectomax in November.

Fellow return vendors Lance and Rosemary Pitter, LG & RJ Pitter, Coolup, will also have a large line-up of PTIC heifers on offer, prepared especially for the sale.

The Pitters will offer 47 Angus heifers and 14 Simangus heifers, which they purchased from the unjoined run of females at last year's sale.

Both drafts have been mated to low birthweight Koojan Hills Angus bulls and have an 11-week calving.

They are due to calve from February 20 to May 8.

These heifers were treated with Selpour in November and will be pregnancy-tested twice before the sale.

Rounding out the bigger vendors in the PTIC Angus heifers will be Scott River Trading, Scott River, with 20 Angus heifers and 20 second-cross Angus heifers, based on Monterey Angus bloodlines.

The lines are PTIC to Angus bulls and due to calve from February 20 to April 26 for 10 weeks.

The operation will also offer 20 Murray Grey heifers based on Monterey Murray Grey bloodlines.

This line of classy greys are PTIC to Monterey Murray Grey bulls and are due to calve from February 20 to April 26 for 10 weeks.

Regular vendors Barry and Colin Gibbs, TH & L Gibbs & Sons, Ferguson Valley, will also be back again with another top line of feminine Angus heifers up for grabs.

The Gibbs family will offer 21 rising two-year-old heifers, which are all owner-bred and based on predominantly Blackrock bloodlines.

The heifers are in calf to Blackrock sires and are due to calve from February 28 to May 9.

Other return vendors fronting up again will be Mark and Peta-Jane Harris, Treeton Lake, Cowaramup, with 16 Angus heifers and eight Red Angus heifers.

The Angus heifers from Treeton Lake are all owner bred and based on Mordallup and Koojan Hills Angus bloodlines.

The line has been mated to Mordallup Angus bulls and are due to start calving from March 1 for 10 weeks.

The Red Angus heifers are based on Bandeeka Red Angus bloodlines and have been mated to a Jutland Park Red Angus bull and have a 10-week calving period starting March 1.

All the Treeton Lake heifers have had their 7in1 booster, along with a Dectomax drench and a selenium and B12 treatment in September.

In the PTIC Murray Grey heifer offering, regular vendor Wulura Farms, Yallingup Siding, will again be one of the biggest vendors with a draft of 21 heifers.

The silver and grey heifers, which are based on Monterey and Bundaleer bloodlines, are mated to Monterey Murray Grey bulls, selected especially for a heifer mating.

The quite, classy, rising 2yo heifers are due to calve from March 14 to June 13.

Matching Wulura Farms for numbers in the Murray Grey section will be the Bagshaw family's Young Guns stud, Hyden, which will also have 21 heifers on offer.

The heifers, which can be registered, are based on the stud's own bloodlines and have been running at a Cookernup lease property since June.

They have been mated to Young Guns Murray Grey bulls, Young Guns Special K and Young Guns Kathmandu, which are both low birthweigth and low maintenance bulls and are due to calve from March 20 to June 12.

This line has had its 7in1 annual booster and also been vaccinated with Pestigard.

First up in the unjoined heifer section will be a top run of Angus heifers from second year vendors the MacLeay family, DH & FA MacLeay, Blackrock Angus stud, Vasse.

The MacLeays, who sold in the sale for the first time last year, after having previously held onto their heifers and sold them later in the year, will offer 30 head.

The classy black females, which show plenty of potential as future breeders, are all out of purebred stud cows and surplus to the operation's breeding requirements.

The March/April-drop calves were weaned in the first week of December and have had their 7in1 treatments for life (three times) along with an Eprinex drench and a colbalt, selenium and B12 injection at weaning.

The WA College of Agriculture, Harvey, will also offer 30 Angus heifers in the unjoined section.

The March/April drop calves are sired by Diamond Tree Angus bulls as well as bulls from the college's own Mornington Angus stud.

The draft was paddock-weaned in mid-November and at this time the calves received their 7in1 booster and Pilligard Pinkeye treatment.

Also trucking in unjoined heifers will be Alcoa Farmlands, Wagerup, which has nominated 20 Angus and 16 Murray Greys, while SF & SL Fox-Slater, Stratham, will offer nine Angus heifers and J & K Investments, Busselton, will offer 12 Angus.

Jodie Rintoul

Jodie Rintoul

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