Single group for pigs

27 Jun, 2001 10:00 PM

THE pig industry' new peak industry body, Australian Pork Limited (APL), will be up and running from July 2, meaning the activities previously carried out by three other industry bodies will now be administered by one board of APL.

The work of Pork Council of Australia (PCA), Pig Research and Development Corporation (PRDC), Australian Pork Corporation (APC) and Confederation of Australian Pork Exporters (CAPE) will be done through APL's new Canberra office.

WA Pork Producers' Association (WAPPA) executive officer Lea Newing welcomed the formation of the single industry body saying it should provide more cohesion by having research and development and marketing arms all under the one roof.

The new structure of the APL board with its five grower-elected directors, four skills-based directors and one chief executive officer, would also ensure growers had more control.

"It should be more cohesive and put producers more in control of their own destiny," she said. "We are very happy about it."

The APL has signed a contract with Federal Government to allow APL to receive and administer marketing and research levies collected by the Commonwealth, which will also match funding for R&D activities.

Agriculture Minister Warren Truss said the Australian pork industry will have reached an important milestone when APL begins on July 1.

"The new arrangements have the strong support of industry, largely because APL is owned by the producers themselves and will provide a more commercially-driven and strategic approach to service delivery," he said.

He said one of the new company's strengths was that it was directly accountable to its levy paying members for the programs it delivers and money its spends.

"The pork industry wants a structure that is resilient, cost effective and flexible and able to help producers take advantage of new export opportunities," he said.


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