Southoban PD rams fetch $390

29 Sep, 2000 03:04 PM

A BIG crowd was on hand at the York Showgrounds last week to support the inaugural York Prime ram sale where prices reached a top of $390. While the sale didn't reach fantastic heights, there was plenty of optimism from the breeders involved to suggest this would become an important fixture on the prime ram calendar. York Ram Breeders president Laurie Fairclough said he was happy with the way the sale went. "There was plenty of buyer support here today, as well as interested onlookers," he said. "It is a sale that we can see continuing well into the future." Conducting agent representative Geoff Brennan, Elders York, said it was a good first-up effort for the breeders. "With the season the way it is, it is trying times at the moment but I think we got through it well ‹ it was a good, solid sale," he said. Full credit should go to all the breeders, who were commited to penning a quality line-up of prime rams for the inaugural sale and whose organisation skills ensured the sale ran smoothly from beginning to end. The $390 top price was paid for two Poll Dorset rams offered by the Smythe family, Southoban stud, York and were bought by Mountjoy Grazing, Northam. Poll Dorsets were what most buyers were after with Southoban and Laurie Fairclough, Stockdale stud, having the best sales on the day. Southoban offered and sold 26 rams in total to average $336. Buyers here included Denis Luelf, York, who bought six rams, paying a $360 top for two. Peter Cullen, Northam, took home four Southoban rams to a $360 top, while Hillgate Nominees, York, bought three. Sinkatinny Downs, Westonia, took home three to a $350 top, while NA & FJ Cosgrove, Shackleton, also bought three to a $360 top. Laurie Fairclough's Stockdale Poll Dorset stud registered a $341 average ‹ the highest of the day ‹ offering and selling 26 rams. Buyers here included Ivan Halbert & Co, Cunderdin, who bought seven at a $370 top, while Falconhurst bought four at an average of $345. GW Boyle & Co, York, took home three rams at a top of $340, while GW Marwick, York, bought two at $380. The South Suffolk breed was represented by two studs, Springdale and Westgate, with Springdale studmaster Stephen Chipper selling four rams under the hammer for $280 each and three after the sale. Buyers here were LC Duperuzito & Co, York, who bought two and Sinkatinny Downs, Westonia, who also bought two. Dave Emin, Westgate stud, offered and sold eight South Suffolks for the second top average of $344. Stropan, York bought two rams to a top of $360, while NJ & DM Clarke, Bolgart, took home three rams to a $350 top. LC Duperuzito & Co, York, bought two to a $330 top, while CJ & MJ Chipper, York, bought one to a $370 top. Guy and Joanne Bowen's Mt Ronan White Suffolk stud, York, sold four rams under the hammer with two more sold directly after the sale. Top price here was $310 paid by Bruce Jackson, Bruce Rock, who bought four rams in total, while DE & BJ Draper bought two. Despite offering quality line-ups of rams, the Black Tie Suffolk stud, York, and Tammar Hills White Suffolk studs failed to sell rams under the hammer.


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