Station steers fetch 145c/kg

28 Sep, 2000 03:04 PM

STEERS were hot property at the Yanrey special cattle sale run by Wesfarmers Dalgety last week at Midland, where they sold for a top of 145c/kg. Yanrey station, Carnarvon, sent 900 cattle, including steers and heifers, while Mardathuna, Yinnithara and Middalya stations also sent in consignments to bring the total number of cattle on offer to more than 1200. The 145c/kg was paid on a pen of 12 Hereford cross steers sent in from Mardathuna station. The line averaged 264kg and sold to Geoff Lynn, Elders Midland. Yinnitharra station, Carnarvon, offered six steers that averaged 297.5kg and sold for 144.5c/kg to Harold Sealy, Wesfarmers Dalgety Carnarvon. Tom and Sue Alston's Yanrey consignment was by far the biggest offering and they received good prices of 143c/kg for a line of 21 Shorthorn steers that averaged 336kg. These steers headed south after being bought by Phil Musitano, Wesfarmers Dalgety Brunswick. Mr Musitano was also active on another line of Yanrey steers, securing 22 Shorthorns for 142.5c/kg. This pen weighed an average of 318kg. Ben Panizza & Co, Southern Cross, also made their presence felt at the sale buying 18 295kg Shorthorn steers for 143c/kg. The Panizzas followed the purchase of this pen by buying the next three lines of Yanrey cattle. They paid 143c/kg for a line of 21 steers that averaged 292kg, 139c/kg for 13 steers that averaged 275kg and 136.5c/kg for a line of 14 steers that averaged 278kg. Harry Carroll, Wesfarmers Dalgety Mt Barker, was also active, buying a line of 14 Yanrey steers for 140c/kg. These averaged 311kg. Ucardy Holdings, Dowerin, paid 142.5c/kg for a line of 28 Shorthorn steers that averaged 262kg, while Maryville Pastoral Co, Gingin, bought 39 steers (average weight 258kg) for 141.5c/kg. Maryville also paid 142c/kg for a line of 35 lighter weight steers, these averaged 227kg. Harold Sealy, Wesfarmers Dalgety Carnarvon, was active on a line of Brahman cross steers offered by Yinnithara station. These bulls averaged 297.5kg and sold for 144.5c/kg. A small line-up of young bulls were also on offer with the 142c/kg top price paid by Fowler Holdings for a line of 19 reds that averaged 178kg. These were offered by K & EL Hall, Meekatharra. Maryville Pastoral Co paid 140c/kg for a line of 12 young bulls offered by Yinnithara and averaging 227kg, while Southern Grazing bought a line of 13 276kg bulls for 134.5c/kg. These were also offered by Yinnithara. Southern Grazing also outlaid 132.5c/kg for a line of 11 Brahman bulls that averaged 322kg. Heifers were next on the sale agenda with the 110c/kg top price paid by Kalgrain, Kalannie, for a line of 18 heifers offered by Yanrey. These heifers averaged 241kg. Other good prices included 102.5c/kg paid for 21 heifers that averaged 401kg. These were bought by Roediger Bros. Ken Bland, Wesfarmers Dalgety Boyanup, paid 100.5c/kg for a line of 19 heifers that averaged 286kg and 97.5c/kg for a line of 25 heifers that averaged 300kg.


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