Structure leads way for Damara growth

23 Mar, 2001 01:33 PM

WA is set to lead one of the world's most progressive networks for supplying sheepmeat following moves to restructure the Damara Breeders' Group (DBG).

The moves, announced this month, will register all members as suppliers of animals for live export and chilled meat markets.

This means the development of export markets for the breed can be supplied orderly and effectively while retaining control by grower members, according to Damara Sheep Company principal Neil Garnett.

Mr Garnett said the evolution of the DBG would unite the original breeders of Damaras with the nation's newer commercial breeders as Damaras continued to develop as a specific industry in Australia.

"The international market for sheep meat is more discerning than ever and producers must be able to provide a consistent supply of a quality product meeting specification to maintain a good price in the log term," he said.

The DBG will provide a new generation co-operative structure for the development, sourcing, pricing and placement of Damara and Damara products.

The Damara Sheep Company (DSC) will continue as executive manager and secretariat of the DBG. The DSC has already developed a range of branding, a quality assurance scheme and communication networks to develop interest and confidence in Damara products.


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