Survey offers insights into beef

18 Feb, 2004 10:00 PM

NUTRITION, genetics, beef quality and marketing were preferred areas of research for northern agricultural beef producers, according to an Agriculture Department survey.

The survey took in 90 producers who represented about 25 different breeds, with Angus making up the majority followed by some Murray Grey and composite breeds with Bos Indicus bloodlines.

Senior research officer Jeisane Accioly, who gave a brief outline of the survey results on the Pastoralist bus tour, said 30pc of the producers surveyed did not weigh their cattle.

Most of the producers sold directly to saleyards while 20pc sold direct to supermarkets.

Ms Accioly said there were also opportunities for Northern Agricultural beef producers to supply abattoirs from February to August when there were shortages for various markets.

She said this could be done through grazing cattle on perennial grasses and tagasaste with supplementary grain feeding.

The survey was to provide a profile of beef production in Northern Agricultural region.

Meanwhile, Ms Accioly said the Beef Co-operative Research Centre was applying for funds to carry out a national study into a maternal efficiency project, which would include 1200 Angus female cattle with known EBVs.

The project will look at the interaction of genotypes with nutrition and its effect on reproduction, fertility and nutrition at various sites across southern states of Australia.

"Feeding the breeding herd accounts for 80pc of feed costs," she said.

The WA component, making up a quarter of the research work, would focus on muscle and fat yields.


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