THE livestock export trade is demanding the removal of a series of anti-live export billboards in Pe

15 Nov, 2006 08:45 PM

The billboards depict live sheep in truck crates and in abattoirs with captions alleging the live export trade directly competes with the chilled meat market.

Australian Posters manages the billboards with PACAT advertising, and charge about $1600 per billboard for one month of advertising in high-traffic areas.

PACAT campaign manager Lisa Critchley said the billboards would run through November and December this year.

PACAT also had a quarter page advertisement in last Saturday¹s West Australian newspaper and has placed previous advertisements in the paper.

The West Australian charges about $5200 for a quarter page base advert.

Ms Critchley said most of PACAT¹s funding was from private donations, including a $15,000 grant from the extremist animal rights group Voiceless.

The campaign has left the WA Livestock Exporters Association (WALEA) seething about what they believe is PACAT¹s continuing trend of advertising false claims.

WALEA chairman John Edwards rejected claims on the PACAT billboards that the live export trade directly competed with the chilled meat market.

³It just highlights the lengths they will go to misinform the public about the live export trade,² Mr Edwards said.

He said many of the chilled meat markets had formed synergies with the live export trade in three decades.

³As an industry, we need the domestic meat market and international meat options as much as they need our trade,² Mr Edwards said.

He said the livestock export trade had been a saviour for many WA producers offloading stock due to drought conditions.

Mr Edwards cited the 340,000 sheep that had left WA in three days last week on live export vessels.

A further 500,000 sheep were scheduled to be exported at the end of the month, he said.

³It spells out the strength of the live export trade and that exporters are able to position the vessels to curtail the effects of drought, flood or fire,² Mr Edwards said.

³The trade in Australia is an added alternative market for the producer.

³It spreads their risk and without it they would be right up the creek without a paddle.²


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