THE man behind Northam Shire¹s push for a sheep saleyard has questioned Agriculture Minister Kim Cha

31 May, 2007 07:00 PM

³Is the minister making a decision for truckies, agents and Government and not the producers?² Mr Llewellyn said.

³I don¹t care how many agents and truckies you have.

³You won¹t have a saleyard if you can¹t get producers¹ sheep and we have a lot of support from our producers.

³It staggers me when I see agents from the stock firms running around this area for miles chasing sheep.²

Mr Llewellyn said producers from the Yilgarn, Narambeen and Quairading shires would not support the Muchea project.

³They will just put their sheep on bigger trucks and take them straight through to Katanning,² he said.

³They¹ve made that point very clear to me.²

Earlier this month, Mr Chance said Northam¹s bid was not up to scratch and that not enough evidence had been produced to justify splitting the multi-species Muchea saleyard project.

When preliminary earthworks began at the Muchea site two weeks ago, Mr Chance said sheep numbers in the central and eastern Wheatbelt did not justify Northam¹s proposal.

But Mr Llewellyn said Northam¹s proposal had used figures from the WA Meat Industry Authority (WAMIA) and Agriculture Department.

He rejected Muchea supporter claims that Northam had manipulated figures in their favour.

³I don¹t know how they can say this when we¹ve used industry figures and they stand up,² Mr Llewellyn said.

Since the beginning of the year, Mr Chance has questioned the validity of costings put forward by the Northam Shire to build its sheep saleyards.

Mr Llewellyn is still adamant Northam can build an undercover sheep saleyard with more than 20,000 head capabilities and supporting infrastructure for $6.5 million.


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