THE WA Government has come under fire for refusing to help fund the relocation of Katanning saleyard

28 Sep, 2006 07:00 PM

Nationals Wagin MLA Terry Waldron said he was surprised by Mr Chance¹s turnaround, revealed exclusively in Farm Weekly two weeks ago, after previously indicating the government would support the yards¹ relocation.

³It was remarkable to hear the Minister telling Parliament the State Government has no responsibility for the saleyard busines-ses across WA, including Katanning, as he has previously stated the Katanning facility was included in the state saleyard plan,² Mr Waldron said.

He was extremely surprised there was full support for Muchea but not for Katanning.

³The livestock industry is critical to WA and it is unaccep-table that the government is not providing the facilities required to properly support this industry,² Mr Waldron said. ³With similar needs at Katanning, he needs to recognise the urgency, get on with Muchea and then commit to Katanning.²

Katanning Shire chief execu-tive officer Brian Jones said he was disappointed the government kept putting off making a decision regarding funding for the new Katanning saleyards.

Mr Jones said although Mr Chance had offered government support, there had been no commitment.

³We have talked to Mr Chance a number of times and he said the state has an obligation to assist in funding the Katanning yards, but it has not been put in writing,² he said.

³It is taking so long for the Muchea yards to be finished and I do not understand why we have to wait until those yards are complete.²


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