Time to sharpen focus: commission

31 Aug, 2005 08:45 PM

PEOPLE inolved in all aspects of the states' pork industry attended the WA Pork Producers' Association's (WAPPA) annual general meeting last week, witnessing requests by the Agricultural Produce Commission (APC) to review the peak pork body's role.

Members of the APC pork producers¹ committee opened the meeting by questioning WAPPA¹s role and recommending a need to redefine it.

The APC provides yearly funds to WAPPA, and have asked the association to review their role in the industry in the coming year.

Portec director and APC pork producers¹ committee member Chris Brennan said WAPPA needed to find its direction.

³It is time for WAPPA to have a real look at what they can do and not have a huge wish list of things they may be able to do,² Dr Brennan said.

³They can¹t be all things to all men,² he said.

³There is a need to redefine the role of WAPPA Š presently it is a jack of all trades and a master of none.²

Dr Brennan said it was important for WAPPA to focus on a specific role.

APC pork producers¹ committee member Keith Ashton said the WA pork industry needed to get its value for money out of WAPPA, and the association needed to deal with these issues now and not come back to the same questions next year.

Mr Ashton was a member of the executive of WAPPA for three years, including a stint as vice-president.

WAPPA treasurer Errol Howard said producers had a responsibility to communicate with WAPPA and help define the path the association should take.

³You have got to blame yourselves as producers for not guiding us and telling us where to go,² Mr Howard said.

³There is no communication coming from the producers, they are not telling us to go down a specific track.²

WAPPA executive officer Russell Cox agreed the association needed to re-determine its focus. He said it had been an issue since 1997.

³It is important to work out what the producer gains from WAPPA,² Mr Cox said.

³The association has been allowed to float along for the last five or six years, with significant outputs not at the level they need to be.

³WAPPA needs to have substantial, tangible values, and work out if it can be done.²

In out-going WAPPA president Stuart Coole¹s report, he said the task of redefining WAPPA¹s role in the industry must be seen as an opportunity, not a problem.

Cuballing pig producer Graeme Dent was announced as the new WAPPA president.


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