Top price doubled at heifer sale

03 Dec, 1999 04:01 AM

ALMOST double last year's money was the tremendous result for the Grigson brothers at their annual Dandaragan female sale last week. And the top of $760 < for cow-calf units < was $340 up on last year's best price and no doubt the bargain of the day when it's realised that vealer calves are fetching around $500 at Midland And their three to five-year-old big mums, sold by Wesfarmers Dalgety's John Wirth at the Grigson's on-property sale, would have to be worth around $500 in today's market. As it was, the top price for mated heifers was $550, $130 better than last year's top of $420. The occasion was John and Noel Grigson's 14th annual sale of their beloved rich, cherry-red and white Hereford and Poll Hereford females, all of which had been running with Hereford and Poll Hereford bulls at six per cent since July. Buyer of the 10 cows and nine calves was Steve Gilbert, Billdean Gilbert & Griffiths, Moora, on behalf of Graham Watts, Makin' Bacon, Karrinyup, who will agist his new purchases at Serpentine. (The 10th cow had calved, but it disappeared under mysterious circumstances, so the Grigsons were prepared to let her go for $200 under the knock-down price. In any case, the cow had been with the bulls since July, so it was a fair bet she was pregnant). The average for the whole sale was $541 for 144 females offered and, for the 134 heifers, it was $524.50. "They are excellent averages," Wesfarmers Dalgety commercial sales manager Peter Wilhelm said after the sale. "It was a very strong sale," agreed John Wirth, who prefaced the sale with the comment that the females would weigh between 440kg and 540kg, based on previous years' weights. The majority of the offering was by John Cowcher's Quaindering bulls, also with some Jenora and Terraneil blood, according to John Grigson. Jeremy Genders, Wesfarmers Dalgety, Williams, brought a contingent up from Williams, including Quaindering Herefords principal John Cowcher, who paid the top dollar (for heifers) of $550 for the 30 Poll Hereford females in pen two. These heifers, with their panda eyes, were the talk of those attending and it was no surprise they fetched the top price for heifers on the day. John also bought another 31 Poll Hereford heifers in pen three at $520/head and was pleased to support John and Noel Grigson, who have bought about 38 bulls from Quaindering over the years. Another of the Cowcher clan from Williams who travelled up with Jeremy Genders was Denis Cowcher, who bought the first pen of 28 Hereford heifers at $540. In pen four, 35 Hereford heifers fetched $510 and were bought by Clark Skinner, Elders, Moora, who was buying on behalf of Jim Wedge, Cataby. The last to be sold was a pen of 10 Hereford heifers, which fetched $470 and these were bought by Mark Jones, Jones Grazing, Muchea. Keen to buy just a line of 10 Poll Hereford females was Phil Consolaro, Bullsbrook. No more, no less, but the lines were not to be split. In a nice gesture, John Cowcher agreed to let Phil take 10 out of one of his lines. The Grigsons run 450 breeders and place great emphasis on eye pigmentation and always choose dark red bulls for their breeding programs.


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