Transporters warn of stock risks

28 Jul, 2004 10:00 PM

THE time has come for the farming industry to be more aware of its responsibilities to provide fit stock and safe facilities when turning off livestock.

Over a number of years it has been a huge issue with some farmers presenting unfit sheep for transport.

The recent high prices have flushed out more below average sheep being presented for transport.

Farmers' facilities for livestock transport should be sound and safe to operate.

The President of the LTA John Mitchell believes that farmers should be responsible for farm safety and should take every precaution.

"When someone is on a farmer's property, the owner of the property is potentially liable for any injury to people working in their yards," he said.

He said stock should be screened for fitness prior to travel and farmers should know more about what is fit for travel than a driver.

"We are not veterinarians and don't know or can't know the animal's history, both short medium and long term," he said.


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