Veteran makes sale debut

27 Aug, 2003 10:00 PM

AT 83 years of age, well-known Narrogin identity Bill Wade, Greenville Merino stud, made his debut at the Rabobank Katanning Ram Sale selling his first ram since the establishment of the stud in 1956.

For a debut performance it was an outstanding result.

The Greenville ram HB5, a grandson of Olympian, sold to the Panizza family, Trevino, Southern Cross, who competed strongly with five other bidders to secure the ram for $10,500.

In addition, the Greenville stud has sold over 1000 doses of semen since last Monday in what was a sensational week for Bill and Kath Wade.

"The ram was prepared at Roy Mahony's shed in Narrogin and when Elders conducted their inspection Elders representatives Kevin Broad and Roger Fris were adamant that HB 5 would do very well so at the Narrogin Long Wool Day I made the decision to offer him at the Katanning sale," Bill said.

"I was really pleased with the price for HB5 and originally I thought we might make between $8000 and $9000 so I didn't hesitate to nod my head at $10,500," he said.

With the first Rabobank Katanning sale behind him Bill already has plans firmly in place for future sales.


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