WA livestock interests have welcomed the latest animal cruelty and felony charges against animal rig

24 Jan, 2007 08:45 PM

WA Livestock Exporters Association chairman John Edwards said PETA continued to run a global campaign against the Australian sheep industry, based on grossly distorted claims of cruelty, particularly in the wool and livestock export industries.

³While they are taking donations of money from thousands of US citizens to mount their outrageous worldwide campaigns, PETA¹s US employees are now charged with collecting unwanted pets from people ‹ on the promise of finding good homes for them ‹ before killing and disposing of them as trash,² Mr Edwards said.

He said the US Centre for Consumer Freedom, which had been monitoring PETA and other animal rights groups, had estimated that PETA collected about $25 million in donations and destroyed about 90pc of the pets it collected.

³Supporters of PETA who want to see the darker side of this organisation should visit www.PetaKillsAnimals.com,² Mr Edwards said.

³Australians not only hope the pending court action cuts public funding support for PETA but also discourages celebrities from promoting the anti-Australian activities of PETA without first checking the real facts of the matter.²

Witnesses from the Ahoskie Animal Hospital and the Bertie County Animal Shelter confirmed that Ms Hinkle and Mr Cook had collected the animals, including puppies and kittens, earlier that day on the promise that PETA would find them adoptive homes.

³This trial will really open the eyes of people who don¹t know about PETA¹s darker side,² according to David Martosko, the research director at the Centre for Consumer Freedom, a non-profit watchdog that monitors the animal rights movement.


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