WA meat fighting fund

28 Nov, 2007 09:00 PM

A RED Meat Crisis Committee has been formed to put strate-gic plans in place to try and combat the low prices being dealt to WA cattle producers.

At this stage the committee will consist of WAFarmers meat section president Mike Norton, PGA meat section president Tim D’Arcy, beef producers Gary Buller, Mike Introvigne, Jane Mouritz and John Hewson.

WAFarmers also announced this week that producers can now contribute to a fighting fund established to promote the merits of WA-produced meat.

The establishment of the fighting fund was just one of nine motions passed at the recent Red Meat Crisis meeting held in Bunbury.

Contributions to the fighting fund can be forwarded to WA-Farmers, where they will be held in a trust fund and mana-ged by the Red Meat Crisis Committee.

It is believed the funds will go towards promotional material such as banners and pamphlets promoting WA meat.


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