WA pork industry on top

31 Aug, 2005 08:45 PM

WA has continued to promote the quality of its export pork product.

Most of the state's 300 committed producers are professional, resourceful, innovative and world-class, according to WA Pork Producers' Association (WAPPA) president Stuart Coole.

Mr Coole, a Boyup Brook producer, was responding to the Productivity Commission report into the competitiveness of Australia's pork industry.

"The commission found that our overseas producer peers, particularly in Denmark, United States and Canada, are not substantially subsidised," Mr Coole said.

"But we would argue that a simple desk audit by the commission could not reach a meaningful conclusion.

"Despite this, we will get on with the job, along with our equally world-class processors, export agents and other stakeholders, to put quality, WA-grown pork into overseas markets where it has a reputation second to none.

"We will continue to do so, despite some productivity disadvantages locally, including the single desk, which tends to inflate domestic grain prices in favour of export, penalising along the way high input feed users such as piggeries where feed grain can comprise up to three-quarters of production costs."

Mr Coole said although WA produced 40pc of Australia's grain, its industry was often denied access at fair and reasonable prices to quality feed grains.

He said WA's $100 million a year (farmgate) pork industry was focused on being competitive and establishing or building its exports in markets such as Singapore, Japan, Indonesia and Hong Kong and developing other key markets in the Asian region.

WA was the first state to crack the Singaporean fresh pork market, which accounts for 90pc of WA's pigmeat exports and, along with Japan, 73pc of Australia's exports.

Exports to Singapore rose from 67t in 1997-98 to 8616t in 2004-05.

Mr Coole said despite barriers to fair trade, WA's pork producers were getting on with the job of supplying a quality product to the world.


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