WA to get second export pig slaughter facility

22 May, 2002 10:00 PM

THE Craig Mostyn Group has confirmed it would upgrade WAMMCO's old Linley Valley multi-species abattoir into WA's second pig export slaughter facility.

While the firm already exported 650-700 pigs to Singapore each week, they were slaughtered through Watsons which had the only export accredited pig abattoir in WA.

Craig Mostyn chief executive Des McDermott said the company aimed to have the old WAMMCO abattoir refitted and ready for opening on November 1.

He said the cost of refitting the newly acquired abattoir to pig export slaughter standards would be "well north of $2 million".

The old WAMMCO abattoir, which changed hands in April, was located next to Craig Mostyn's existing PPC pig abattoir where about 4000 pigs were slaughtered each week for the domestic market.

In future all pigs would be processed through the export abattoir with the PPC abattoir to be converted to a smallgoods plant.

Mr McDermott said a good relationship with growers and a committed management team had played a pivotal role in the company's rapidly rising profile in the WA pig industry.

"This new venture is a mark of our commitment to pig industry in WA," he said.

He said the new facility would provide an alternative killing and processing facility to Watsons and also allow PPC to become masters of its own destiny.

Mr McDermott said it was hoped that about 6000 pigs a week would pass through the new abattoir by early next year, although this would not be at full capacity.

He said there was no intention of processing other livestock at Linley Valley at this stage.

Mr McDermott said while Craig Mostyn marketed meat to over 20 countries, WA export pork was all destined to Singapore, a steadily growing market.

"The new facility will allow us to capitalise on the marketing opportunities available," he said.

"We will be expanding our pork volumes as well as pursuing more overseas markets through the Craig Mostyn export meat trading desk in WA," he said.

Craig Mostyn Group was a NSW family importing and exporting business this year expecting to turn over $300m, of which half would in WA.

Some of the group's WA businesses included Fataway, Talloman, PPC Wholesale Foodservice, Globe Meats and James, Bowes.


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